Four More Aces

It’s the chemtrails it is it is it IS!! Our governments love to SLAP us with that you know, read on ..

13 thoughts on “Four More Aces

    1. I am currently working through all the comments Sadje. I had to first delete almost 300 of those damn oily spam comments, but am slowly working through all real and pending comments 🙂

        1. Yes more of them, in the fifteen minutes l have been attending to my comments, l have had 30 spam comments arrive. I now have to flit backwards and forwards to comments just to bulk delete them. But at this rate, l am looking at Teresa’s figures of a 1000+ per day – it’s very very frustrating.

        2. Sadly you can’t l think these bots are using an RNG programme, which means they are using a programme that specifically generates random names and numbers. It would also explain the speed these spam messages are hitting our filters, and also the way they direct them to 6-12 posts only to attach. i tried blocking yesterday, but with RNG you cannot block them, because the programme generates new and random names all the time.

          It’s similiat to when tepephone spammers ring you up on different numbers all the time, you can block some numbers but RNG generates new numbers all the time, you simply become overwhelmed with numbers and in telephone scenario’s usually what we do is let the phone ring to answerphone, scammers don’t tend to leave messages.

          Just finished brunch and come back to 40 odd, all l can do is check the filter frequently now and keep clearing otherwise a huge number could mean that a genuine stray message from a real responder could get removed.

  1. wow rory! wow your getting a ton of spam how is that happening to you but only some blogs seem to get so much of it? I don’t seem to get lots thank god, but I don’t want to jinx myself so I’d better not say it too soon haha!

    1. I don’t know why some blogs are getting it more than others. I read yesterday that perhaps those blogs not on a WP plan don’t get many – l am very careful with my hashtags as an example, sometimes the wrong word can trigger the wrong things, but these spammers are not blogs l follow because of the higher risk of spam, but l am still getting their flak, which is just wrong.

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