Roaring Good Times! – Pod 1


Roaring Good Times! – Pod 1

This afternoon at UK 4.30pm, Poddy of Bottomlesscoffee007 and l engaged in our first episode of Roaring Good times. We tried for a twenty minute slot, and failed, but hey Rome wasn’t built in a day and we have that to work towards. I wasn’t as nervous as last week, l still have some distance to go in so far as;

… Poddy speaks

Wait 3 seconds

Answer …

But we will get there eventually, anyway if you would like to, have yourself a listen.

Roaring Good Times! – Pod 1


Ps whilst l said hello to everyone Fandango of This, That and The Other and Britchy kind of snuck in!


I am slowly finding my voice with this series, l am less nervous than l was the first time around, which is brilliant. Both Poddy and myself will work towards 20-30 minutes per episode which will make the listening easier, and whilst currently we don’t have a structure, that’s because we both enjoy the banter and the chatter we are able to share with each other – however what l would like to know from my readership is – are there topics you might like to hear discussed?

Please note that my strengths and conviction doesn’t sit in talking about religion nor politics and so l am the wrong person to discuss these topics, however l will within reason discuss almost anything else that people might like to hear, so if you have any suggestions please do feel free to drop a comment below.

Rory Matier

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    1. Oh lol, when l said that to Suze she just looked at me and said how did you not know how to pronounce it? i just answered well they don’t interest me so it doesn’t really matter – she laughed and said she couldn’t stand them either but at least knew how to pronounce them 🙂

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