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Do You Actually … like everything you write about?

Yesterday in a post by Sadje of Keep it Alive  which you can find here What Do You Think Makes For A Good Blogging Experience?

She wrote something which l found fascinating, not in the way that it’s never been written before, but in the way that it always makes me think and for me personally, l always find it a thought provocative question.

“”E. The bloggers who is doing it on a whim. They will be getting satisfaction out of writing their posts, as all people who write know that when you have penned( so to speak) a good piece, a poem or a story you feel an inner satisfaction. These are the easiest to please bloggers.”””

Time for some deep honesty and feelings and emotions from my core.

I write a lot of poetry, not as much as l used to, but l pen when l am in the mood to pen. People say to me, you must really love your poetry and this is where l tend to stop and pondercate … do l?

I love words and l have a knack of putting them together in a way that others find pleasing, but do l like my poetry or rhyming poetry?

No, no l don’t, and no l never have.

I have told people this before, and they look at me in astonishment, some even criticise me, they say with your gift how can you say such a thing? I can say such a thing because l have written it and l am never really happy with any of it. You could ask me to recite one of my poems to you word for word and ten minutes later you would still be waiting on me. They’re just words and l happen to love words.

When l get an expression, or an emotion, and l feel compelled to rhyme it, it’s just that, it’s almost like a whim, but it’s actually more like an obligation to release the words from my mind, so they don’t keep cluttering up my space. I am literally compelled to write it, and many a time whilst l can say, sure it’s okay, whilst others are complimenting me it’s just a poem, they’re just words.

Equally, l write many a time because of this compulsion. I started cognitively writing [as in being really aware of what l was writing from a  relatively young age. I found that words always simply fascinated me, and took a great deal of interest in English Language and Literature from around the age of eleven. I have written for my career path, designed training modules,  menues, naughty stories, propaganda articles for the animal industry, created advertising, marketing and promotional campaigns,  poetry, and so on. I cannot remember a time when l haven’t not written.

But at times l have felt whether l write for pleasure or simply because l can write and so l do. I am pretty sure that l am not alone in this thought process, and that there are other’s out there who also create and invent like this. I am sure many artists over the years have simply created for the sake of creating, l know many painters have done it, as well as singers and song writers. Is it a quest for the ultimate of what you can do as well as achieve or is it perhaps something darker? I used to really worry about it, perhaps there was something wrong with me, l stopped that a few years ago, and accepted what will be will be.

Now the question is this and l repeat Do You Actually … like everything you write about?

Let me know below.

39 thoughts on “Do You Actually …

  1. Not actually what I write ABOUT but mostly what I write. If you can see the difference. Sometimes I write for prompts, following a pattern and that would take me to a predetermined direction. Then there are posts, which I call my real posts, where I write what I really want to say and express to my reader. As in, from my heart. I really like these posts! I hope I made some sense.

    1. Hey Sandman, l think overstepping the mark at times is just a way of reminding ourselves we are alive – pushing the boat out a little further from the saftey of the jetty is l think a good thing 🙂

  2. I feel as if I come across as pompous at times. Other times I think I am too vulnerable. I aim to be as honest and forthright as possible, not as much as I can, but almost to the brink of absolute defeat.

    I get the feeling that many would rather pose for the audience, whereas I am saying, “this is me, I am ugly and I can try to be beautiful from time to time, but this is exactly who I am. You either accept me or you do not, but I will not bend to your desires”.

    1. I come across at times as pompous, l have oft been called eccentric and egotistical, l try not to be, but l think at times also that in humble opinion, open honesty, knowledge, wisdom and experience can be misinterpreted as being the aforementioned things.

      If l know l am 100% right on a topic, subject or even just an answer, l will stick to my guns to the point of bloodletting [not literally], but this can come across as not acceptable or even deemed inappropriate. But all we can do is be who we all are 🙂

            1. Audiences take time Poddy. Remember the days when they would have a live show with an audience to a new pilot and they had to supply canned laughter? Well eventually they found that the audience when it warmed to the series laughed and engaged and interacted by themselves. The same applies to blogging in my eyes.

              No such thing as the perfect anything, so it takes time to establish your niche and ultimately your own direction.

              Readers are a pretty shrewd and canny lot, they know what they like and what they don’t like, but it takes all sorts to eventually warm to a new writer 🙂

  3. Yes, at the time. Later I may change my mind and delete the post, though that rarely happens now because I’ve quit writing about dating so much. I used to write a complaint type of post or something weepy and then regret having it out there, so I’d nuke it later. Now, I don’t care! Plus, I’ve learned what will disturb me later and don’t post it in the first place. Lots of drafts don’t see the light of day.

    1. Yes, l also used to delete when l first began, but then l realised l did that as l was new to blogging and l didn’t specifically need to do that.

      Once more Paula, thanks for the input 🙂

  4. I have an opinion on a lot of things, but don’t always write about them. I enjoy writing, be it poetry or prose, but sometimes it doesn’t always come together the way I’d like, but too much tweaking, and the initial ‘feel and concept’ of the piece can be lost.
    I’d put it akin to music. There are a lot of pieces I can play, but don’t because I simply don’t like them. I like a bit of a challenge at the keyboard, and when I’ve ‘got it’, by jove, I’ve got it! Some of the more dull pieces I’ve had a go at adding twiddly bits or changing minor chords to major and vice versa, but at the end of the day, I’d rather not bother with something I don’t like in the first place. After all, we don’t usually waste our time do we.

  5. I mostly like what I write. I write as honestly as I can. I don’t sensor myself. I believe in honesty and in sharing and being real not sugar coatingit, tell it like it is no matter how that may be. xo

    1. Yes that’ s spot on Carol Anne, that’s the way l roll. I may not always like everything about what l say, but if it;’s honest, then no one can fault my truth.

      Perhaps growing up in a family of almost religiously devout liars, and feeling the odd one out by being so honest, is why l am so terribly and openly honest about who l am, who knows?

  6. For the most part, I like what I write. I do have posts in my draft folder that I feel need work, but once I decide to post them, I’m usually pretty happy with them. Of course, if I go back and reread them and find typos, it does make me cringe.

    1. Yes l know what you mean Fandango, l tend to type faster than my eyes at times and l hit post and then l reread and think damnit, damnit, oh lordy damnit! With regards the edits 🙂

  7. I like what I write. I write the way I speak and I just start typing and let it pour out. I keep my blog mostly anonymous because I write honestly about my adult daughters and my autistic grandson and the girls didn’t give permission(I didn’t ask) and Ben can’t (because he’s ten). If it was just me, I wouldn’t care. I’m not ashamed of anything I’ve done. My life journey has brought me here and I’m comfortable with who I am.

    I’m like you with the typos. I post and then read and edit, read and edit, read and say fuck it

  8. No I don’t like everything I write. Sometimes it occurs to me as I’m putting a post together, or writing some poetry, that it’s pretty weak tea. And if I haven’t pushed that irreversible “Publish” button, which means SOMEONE will see it, I might just erase what I’ve put together. The poetry goes into a file where I can look at it later and decide if I should or should not put it out of my misery. But overall? I like what I write. The amazing thing is that others like what I write too. I didn’t know it was good, and that’s not false modesty. I really didn’t. I was simply opening up my mind and letting the air out…

  9. I write a lot of post and I do like most of them. Some, of course, are better than others; some I’m very proud of, others not so much. Yet I’ve discovered that there is little correlation between those posts that I’m most proud and those that I think are “just okay,” and the number of views, likes, and comments they get. Sometimes it seems like my best posts (in my opinion) go almost unnoticed and unappreciated, while those that are barely passable get tons of views and likes. Go figure!

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