The Friday Four #5

Li takes on and tackles the Friday Four with ease 🙂

Tao Talk

the friday four

Rory, aka A Guy Called Bloke, has presented his weekly Friday Four:

1] What are your strengths and of your strengths – how have they helped you throughout your life?

Ooh boy, tough question. I was raised by two individuals of extremes. Father was a delusional agoraphobic with OCD tendencies and mother was an emotional trainwreck who was often absent, but when she was present she alternated between loving and cruel. Dad was a nature lover and mother was a music lover. Both were extremely hard workers and of the working class. Stepfather was a larger than life ranter and raver that set limits we often hated. Based on that wicked brew, I am a combination of all of it. The strengths are here and there, depending on the situation. They’ve helped and harmed at different times.

2] What are your weaknesses and how have they or have they…

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