K9 Adventures [23] – Training Your Two Leggeds!


This is me playing with Mummy and actually enjoying it!

Training Your Two Leggeds…

Hey everyone,

Today l thought l would get Dad to write about ‘Two Legged Playtime’ from a K9’s point of view, because from what he tells me, most of the information available on BoxNet is from the two leggeds perspective and usually they are looking for tips and hints on how to encourage their own four leggeds to participate and contribute to their [two legged] exercise!

You must always remember my fellow dawgs that if you decide to entertain your own parents, that it has to be, yes HAS to be on your terms, in other words you alone must derive enjoyment from the activity and it is NOT the other way around.

If you do gain satisfaction from the tasks at paw, great, and if you do not, then don’t panic, just always be ready to make the two leggeds work for you – because that in itself, is trust me when l say this – highly amusing!


“So you see Doods, this is where the ball is, ok?”

Now, as a matter of interest, l do happen to like some playtime – and l especially like it with my Mummy, because in many ways when she plays – she plays like another K9. She has all the fun aspect that we possess, it is very rare to find it in a two legged and if perhaps you are lucky like me, maybe you too have a very playful Mummy or Dad. Although you might ‘also’ have a Dad like mine!!


Mummy having thrown the ball!


And me coming back with ball under guise of ‘Fetch!’

I find it really funny, to let Dad think l want to actively take part in playful exercise, but in truth, it is more fun only letting him think that, because he will tire himself out before l actually take part! I have seen him run up and down our garden after balls, Frisbees, bones, sticks and all matter of toys! What l tend to do, is give him a bit of a teaser, l see him pick up a toy, then l follow him, then l sit down and watch him throw the toy into the garden. I just look at him, with a quizzical look in my eyes that says ‘Sorry, what is it you expect me to do again?’


Me now pretending to look for ball that is actually on other side of the garden!!


Mummy now having fetched the ball herself, me still pretending to look for ‘lost’ ball!!


Mummy throwing ball again … me seeing ball go!!!


And me now deliberately looking elsewhere …!!

So, he fetches the toy, then proceeds to tell me what is expected of me, and then throws the toy into the garden again. Sometimes l get up, walk a few paces and then sit down again and look at him pleadingly to explain it again, other times l walk up to the toy, nose poke it, then sit down and look clueless!

With Dad, sadly he has caught on, and doesn’t often play past the fifth attempt … no longer does he fall for the look that says ‘Do l actually know you??’ Before l walk inside the house, silently laughing my paw socks off!


The secret is to continually look clueless and of course in the wrong area!

Mummy is a bit shrewder, but also l enjoy playing with her, so tend to not to upset her too much. We play all sorts of things, ‘pass Gerty’, ball, tumble, chase – all sorts really.
The big question you must ALWAYS ask yourself is this … if they throw something can l be bothered to go and get it, or is it more fun watching if they will continually throw it and if l sort of only pretend to play?


And just keep looking on the wrong side, no matter how much someone is trying to coax you along ….. mawahahahawoof always worth a giggle!

Enjoy these clickitty’s of a time that l played with Mummy and then stopped. Think they’re funny, should have seen the time l got Dad a corker!! [He’s not laughing now that l reminded him of that, but oh yeah found it funny me reliving Mummy’s time!!]

Let me know of any fun times you have had fooling your own two leggeds into ”’exercise” for you!

Tootle pip from Doodlepip

7 thoughts on “K9 Adventures [23] – Training Your Two Leggeds!

  1. What handy tips Ms. K-9! Maybe I can get my two legged off the couch and get her to do some exercise. She tends to cuss when someone mentions that word… Of course both of us (me & my two leg) spend more time snoozing than playing. And I’ve been known to stare at a hoomin who is trying to get me to “fetch”..(don’t they GET it? Royals ((like me)) have SERVANTS for that sort of thing).. and then simply turn my back on them and walk off, a disdainful sneer on my muzzle. I was a mum early on in life, and never really ‘got’ the idea of ‘play’…but sometimes I’ll roll on my back, paws waving and snerl at my hoomin. THAT’S more my idea of play…I get belly rubs out of it and sometimes a brief walk. That’s enough. 😉

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