Did You …

Did you … read other blogs before creating your own?

Yesterday in Ursula’s [An Upturned Soul] Post she made reference to something which l found somewhat interesting, hence today’s question…

“””Long before I started blogging, I spent a lot of time reading, exploring, discovering and immersing myself in blogs.

I had certain favourites which I regularly visited. I thought what they did was amazing, interesting, fascinating.”””

Now l found this interesting for a couple of reasons, 1] Suze has been thinking of creating a bog [ for the past year] but as of yet done nothing about it and doesn’t read mine or any other blogs, and 2] before l started blogging l never read any blogs at all. Not really. I was a guest writer on a gamer’s blog, but l didn’t even read that. I simply came in wrote my piece and then went out again. But l never specifically read any blogs prior to starting a blog myself.

I started a blog because someone recommended that l should and l thought why not? In my eyes l am still a newb at 16 months, and still learn lots every week, l have made quite a few learning curve blunders along the way, upset a couple of bloggers and well that’s what life’s all about, one big baby step after another.

But back to the question, when you started blogging for the first time, did you simply jump in with both feet or research blogging first? Plus what made you decide to take the leap of faith? There are other formats out there to write your journey, why a blog?

Let me know.

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  1. I think I may have read a few when I started, it was about 2004 and I started on Livejournal after being pointed in the direction by a couple of members on the Yolkfolk forum.

          1. Certainly with Livejournal there is more a diary feel about it and less creative material. Though I did print an interview with a teacher friend of mine in connection to a play in which she flopped her boobs out

  2. I started blogging because my sister suggested me to do so as she with my mom believed in my expressions. She suggested me of word press and having no idea what was it. I searched in internet and registered in 2016 for the first time. Being blank what is it and how to socialise with bloggers posted my blogs with few errors in them and in site too. It took me around 3 to 4 months to understand the working. Than I deleted my site and re registered and made a sufficient well looking blog in 2017 and here I am.
    I enjoyed the initial struggle while understanding WP and now all seems to be the important part of my life.

    1. Hey Tanvir,

      Hope things are well in the world for you and all πŸ™‚

      I started this blog and two others and after three months combined all three together as it was easier. I have changed many things over the last year to reflect more of me, and the beast that was the first ever blog has long gone now. I like the beauty and ability to change our style and stance.

  3. I used to read my friend, Dr Tanya’s blog. But I was not the person who would read blogs, unless they popped up in my Facebook newsfeed. When I started to blog, that was when I started to read blogs properly.

      1. This current one in 2010, but I didn’t post much for a long time and wasn’t interested in a following. It was just a place to periodically post about dating and books. A couple years ago I started posting a lot more and following a bunch of others.

        1. Dating, ah yes l see one of the Valentine challenges will have a spot for you, it’s called The Dating Profile Game!

          I have dug up one of my old ones it’s awful, l really was scraping the barrel, l came to the conclusion that l was hopeless at profile construction!

  4. Thank you for the blog nod, Rory πŸ™‚

    I’m really enjoying this series of posts you’re doing about blogging, it’s very interesting. Love your thought processing process and data gathering.

    I probably should have added in my post that I’ve always been a reading addict. I’m also an information addict. And I find other people fascinating, I love trying to figure out what makes people tick. So when I was reading loads of blogs I was just doing what comes naturally. I actually started reading less once I started writing posts. Although I am reading what I write as I write it. Since I started blogging, the way I read other blogs is slightly different.

    As for upsetting bloggers, I could write a How-to-upset-bloggers post on it πŸ˜‰ as I’m particularly skilled at it due to being me and doing things my way. If I’m feeling particularly impish I might actually do that.

    1. Go, go, go Gadget Go Ursula for impish.

      I never deliberately set about to upset one blogger, but l did very early on with one of my challenges. I was so upset that l had upset this blogger l removed the entire series. They even wrote a nasty poem about me, which upset me even further! I emailed them, apologised to them, said it was NOT a deliberate action, just that the series wasn’t working.

      Now l have come to realise that some things do work others don’t, l keep everything in the blog with no deletion, but that’s the learning curve, and l still learn each and every day.

      Other bloggers l upset just by being me, so l am not going to change that.

      Ah you have caught me out! Yes l am data gathering for that thing we discussed earlier this week, but it is also fascinating. Like l said your response post was remarkably informative and set my pace going, and then as bloggers/writers respond l see questions appear.

      I am very much a reading, facts and figures as well as numbers addict myself, and yes people do fascinate me as to their ticking clocks πŸ™‚

      Sadje answered with something today and it struck a deep chord with me, and so that will appear in tomorrow’s postal question πŸ™‚

  5. I started looking for blogs about autism and written by autistic folks. I was looking for answers to why Ben did some things and how to help him when things were rough. I wanted information from people with lived experience. Unfortunately most of the autistic bloggers I found are more Asperger’s than “severe classic autism” , so I didn’t get a lot of answers. I DID find an awesome community of quirky people who are funny, intelligent and just plain awesome!

    My own blog is more journal and rant space than anything else. I’m always surprised to find new followers. I do write about a variety of topics.

    1. Before l really knew about blogs and not long after my own Asperger’s diagnosis, l was looking for qualitable information from elder writers on the Asperger’s, but back when l got DX’d, it was 2008 and there may have been blogs on the subject l never saw them.

      It would have helped me enormously at the time had l known about WP back then or similiar l agree.

      i wanted information for older sufferers with Asperger’s, there was a lot of talk about autism, but at that time Asperger’s wasn’t being classed as autism, just Asperger’s, it all changed with DSM -5 of course.

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