What Do You Think ….

What Do You Think Makes For A Good Blogging Experience?

Strange question? Not Really.

Everyday we see in WP, various questions concerning and referencing the art of blogging, however what we don’t often see is what makes for a good blogging experience. I am not specifically asking for what makes for a good blogger, however if you wish to address that in your answer then by all means feel free.

Suze in fact asked me this question only this week? It might be that she is slowly edging her way forwards to finally venturing towards, starting a blog – who knows, l certainly don’t.

She asked me what made for a good blogger? I don’t know l answered, l am not one. But you are writing all the time? Ah, l am a prolific writer yes, but l am not a good blogger, l run a blog, doesn’t make me a good blogger, l cover many topics of interest to me, doesn’t make me a good blogger, so what does make for a good blogger?

But also what makes for a good blogging experience? Be this from the writer’s point of view equally as much from the reader’s perspective?

Let me know.

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  1. For me a good blogging experience is to write something that I NEED to write that is then appreciated, through likes or comments, by others, it’s as simple as that really :O) x

  2. Engagement! Readers commenting on your content! Conversations with your readers! Also writing honestly. Real raw and uncut. This is what I feel makes for a good blogging experience!

  3. I’ll second Carol Anne – engagement, writing from the heart, immediacy and honesty (to a limit, of course), and having a bit of fun … with occasional pics … sharing – almost like a community, isn’t it?

    1. Morning Cage – fabilous answer and totally agree.

      Did like your Flashing spider story, were they just normals or were they something hairy and scary as in species?

      1. normals – for spiders that hang out above the shower! Big, but not venomous. We don’t kill them, but sometimes have to move them out of the way while we wash!

        1. Yes, we don’t kill spiders either – l remember in the caravan days there were some absolute whoppers and one did drop in whilst l was in the middle of my morning movements!

  4. For me, one of two things basically. Either I have a little meatspace experience or revelation I think will entertain my readers, so I jabber on about that and get a bunch of likes and comments. Or I get inspired by a prompt (or multiple prompts) and write a little piece of fiction that generates lots of likes and comments.

    So, for me, it’s writing inspiration plus engagement. I have to be pleased with what I write before I post it. And I hope others then find it a bit interesting or funny. That’s a good blogging experience to me.

  5. I enjoy the great stories, the sense of community and the awesome people I’ve ‘met’.
    I write about me and my life and the things I’ve been through. A bunch of different hashtag topics and I write when I feel like it.
    I think as long as you’re having fun doing it, it’s a good blogging experience. Don’t get hung up on stats. I honestly never look at mine.

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