Oh No Way, Oh So Way – My Way! [3]

Oh No Way, Oh So Way – My Way![3]

Smoked a joint

Oh So Way.

I never smoked anything in my teens except the pipe [17 – 22] and in my very early 20’s [23 – 26] cigars and then started smoking cigarettes for too many years until roll ups from my mid 30’s to now. Yes, it is doing me no good. The first joint l ever smoked was when l was 27 and l did not like it one little bit, then l tried it again in my mid 40’s  for a few months and experienced way too many white outs and so stopped. I used to say l was naturally high as it was and needed no drugs to make me even higher. It can deliver a relaxant and at times in recent months when the medication l am on hasn’t hit the spot l do openly admit to thinking a joint for pain would be a relief – but knowing my luck l think that might be a little unwise!

Gone commando [underwear free]

Oh So Way.

It’s invigorating when young and something l did with some frequency, not something l would like to enjoy now, although having said that when l wear my Bamboo joggers l occasional go free.

Attended a naughty film at the cinema

Oh So Way.

Many years ago, l dated a woman who used to love attending some very seedy places and for the thrill yes l went with her. Were these places l was enamoured with? As adventurous as l was, it was not something l particularly enjoyed, but they had a strange effect on her,  and l have to say, l did enjoy that! You gotta try everything at least once!

Skipped school when younger/now

Oh No Way.

Oh no no no no no,NO! My Father would have killed me and probably my Mother too! My Sister did it all the time and whilst my Mother flipped out, my Father always forgave her. But if l had of done it even once, l would have diappeared from the planet l feel!

Made a prank call

Oh So Way.

If you have read my Mars Calling story you will know l have.

Kissed the corner of a pillow

Oh So Way.

I am still astonished that you folks never admit to not having ever done this? It cannot have only been me in the entire world to have performed this? The pillow was used as practice for kissing a girl.

Been Drunk with your parents

Oh No Way.

I have seen both of my parents drunk and the things they got up to, my Mother was one who danced on tables and my Dad was an aggressive drunk, no way was l ever going to become drunk with them!


Oh So Way.

Of course l have, but it has always been consensual and mutual with the receiver/sender. Between couples or even during serious flirting l think it’s harmless. I think it’s unnacceptable without consent however. I have never been guilty of that.

Relationship with a work colleague

Oh So Way.

Yes l have on several occasions when not in a relationship with anyone else. I am pretty adventurous on that level, but am not a supporter of adultery.

Been robbed, burgled, hussled or scammed

Oh So Way.

Yes, sadly l have been burgled, robbed at knife point, scammed and hussled!

Placed a bet – as in gambling

Oh So Way.

Yes, in the later 80’s l used to go to the Casino’s in Folkstone and bet on a regular basis with the roulette wheel, but l was never a gambler, just many a time very lucky and if l lost l lost and if l won, l knew when to stop and enjoy the profits.

Gotten lost going around a corner

Oh So Way.

Yep, it’s almost like a middle name with me!

Stuck my chewing gum anywhere except the bin

Oh So Way.

Yes, l have a terrible habit of swallowing bubble gum and chewing gum.

25 thoughts on “Oh No Way, Oh So Way – My Way! [3]

        1. No, not a case of wising up, simply a case of getting older. i have no regrets with my life, well a few, but most of those seemed like good ideas at the time. I should never have married the woman l did, she felt the same. She was l think too young for marriage and l was too naive.

          But with everything l have done, l would do again, if l had the knowledge l have now. With that knowledge l would have made my life more adventurous 🙂

  1. These are awesome!! You are not the only person to practice kissing on a pillow. I’m not ashamed to admit that my pillow got more action than a Steven Seagal film back in the day! Lol!!

    1. Oh way to go Kristian 🙂

      Yes, my pillow corners at times got so ‘moist’ that my Mother seriously thought l was chewing on them in my sleep! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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