K9 Adventures [22] – River Deep Mountains Higher!


A Christmas Adventure!!

River Deep Mountains Higher!

Hi Everybody!

Today l am going to tell you about the time when, Mummy, Dad and me celebrated Christmas week away from home in Boscastle, which is down in Cornwall in England. This was a few years ago now, the same year that Dora dog sadly had passed away into the great doggy cloud. Dad said it was going to be an awesome adventure for me, and way, way better than the trips we took to Bourne Woods. My ears pricked up at the sound of Bourne Woods, because l loved going there, and if this Boscastle was going to be better than there, then this really was going to be a great adventure!

I love adventuring!!

What l didn’t know was that it would be here that everyone would discover a really cool talent l possessed. But also, surprisingly enough, we found out another little ‘quirk’ that Dad had!!

I knew about Christmas because l had celebrated this time before with Dad and Mummy and Dora dog, but also because l knew about it long before Mummy and Dad had become a mating pair! But never before had Dad and l gone away for an adventure at the same time!!

It seemed like ages, and ages before the Christmas adventure came around, but finally it arrived. Mummy picked Dad and me up in a completely different car than normal, it was huge in consideration to her normal one, and it was built like a tank! But what was really brilliant about it was l had the entire back seat all to me! Now l know what you are all thinking! Doodlepip always has the back seat to herself anyway and this is true, but when l think to how Mummy and Dad had to pack everything else into the back of the car behind me and it was a ‘right squeeze’, l believe were the words Mummy used, l was very lucky to have such a large space to lounge around in.

But you see, and this is directed to my K9 followers, we are special, and so our two leggeds should never forget this or how truly special we are! So if that means that we have the entire back seat dedicated to our needs, then that is exactly what must happen. The only things that need to be in our area is 1] us and 2] our luggage! That is how it was! If it was a tight squeeze for their things, then perhaps they need to re-examine how they pack in the future…

I had my rucksack and yes it was my rucksack this time, my bowls, my travel water bottle, my treats, my blankey, my toys and my bed [well my travel bed, not my real bed]and of course teddy! Every four legged needs their teddy!

Once everything was packed and we were offski!


Are we there yet??

Phewee…. It took hours and hours and hours to get to the adventure! I never knew it was going to take this long; l even gave up asking ‘are we there yet’ after the thirtieth time! It seemed absolutely pointless. Mummy wasn’t helpful with any of the answers either, l mean what on earth did she mean by just holding up two fingers??! Two hours, minutes, days, seconds … what??


Again l ask you Mummy, two what?

There is only so much greenery, trees, cars and roads and motorways you can look at, and so after the first hour, l just stopped looking and curled up with teddy and we went to sleep! We stopped a few times for tinkles and drinks, and more tinkles and more drinks and a stretch of paws and then it was back to sleep again for even more boring journey. It was tough going if l am honest!



After what seemed like forever, Dad finally said “Hey Doods! We are here!!”

It was the very next day that the real fun began!!

Boscastle was really awesome!! It’s that simple. It is a village that has a port and it sits in a valley that leads down to the sea according to Dad who seemed to always have his face inside a guide of one sort or another, and was always reading something out. [More Asbeeness!] But it was also the time when Dad first had his clickitty box, and he was always clicking! I’m used to the clickitty clicks now, but back then it was really strange. Dad would have his face stuck to the box, and then all l heard was clickitty clickitty click! Everywhere we went all we heard was click click, clickitty click click!! Dad said that one day these clickitty’s would prove useful and make him remember things! But l would get confused because how could he forget me, l would think, l am always with him?


From my point of view it was full of great walks, high walks, wet walks, low walks, grassy walks, hilly walks, really, really high walks and cliff walks! For pioneering adventurers like Mummy and me, it was brilliant! I didn’t need a clickitty box to remember the awesomeness that l had there!



Although l wish l had had the box for the moment that we discovered Dad was reeeeally scared of the high cliff walks!! You should of seen his face when Mummy went walking near the huge rocks of the cliff and when she got close to the edge that looked down and dropped off to the crashing seas below!! That was a picture and a half!!

“No, no, no, no, no don’t get too close to the edge, you could be blown off!!” He was telling Mummy

“Oh stop it” She was saying, “I am just going to take a look down.”

Dad’s face looked almost green! He wouldn’t let Mummy take me to the edge, so l couldn’t see what she was looking at, but she said it was brilliantly cool and that l would have loved it! But Dad can be a real scaredy cat at times according to Mummy! I have seen scaredy cats admittedly, most cats run away from me if they see me, they look scared and yes, if honest Dad looked a bit like them!

We saw loads of things though so l forgave him for not letting me go to the edge, like the blowhole just near the end of the harbour that was great!


But also, it was here in Boscastle that we discovered that l was quite possibly a Mountain Goat in a previous life! How cool is that? I found hills! I found that l just loved going up the side of hills and looking for things! Two leggeds can take the paths but l will go ‘off pathing’ any day! You see way more stuff and can get to all sorts of nooks and crannies! I also discovered river bed walking and it was the very early days of finding out that if my feet got wet it was not the end of the world … of course it would be the next year that l would truly discover the beauty of chasing waves, but river walking was a starter for sure!



There was just loads and loads and even more loads and loads of stuff we did, we found all sorts of things like churches, and woody areas, and hilly areas and tough climbs, but you know with Mummy and Dad it was just brilliant, really, really lovely! In all, as my first away from home adventure it was super cool! And was made even better on Christmas Day itself when l got loads of yummy things to eat, and play with!

So how about my fellow K9ers how many super cool places have you been to?

Look forwards to hearing from you, and until then, enjoy the clickitty pics from Dad’s box and …

Tootle pip from Doodlepip


10 thoughts on “K9 Adventures [22] – River Deep Mountains Higher!

  1. Oh my, this is just too precious! Doodlepip looks so happy in the pictures of her in Boscastle! Reading this made me miss my old cocker spaniel, who passed away at the venerable age of 17. She never encountered any cliffs to climb, but she loved to climb on the wood piles we kept for our winter heating! She didn’t seem to understand that just because a log smells like a squirrel, doesn’t mean it’s actually a squirrel.

    1. Hey Josh,

      Yes there are a few photos of scrappy looking cute, she has however stopped posing for me, and everytime she now sees my camera promptly runs off at speed!

      I am trying to convince suze to use her mobile to capture more of her before she too becomes wise to its own clicking function!

      17 is a grand old age for a dog, and l am sorry to hear of your loss, it is still hard however long the period is from the passing.

      Ha, ha, yes scraps is the same ..

      “Dad, Dad, there’s a squirrel!!”
      “No the squirrels long gone Scraps.”
      “BUT, it was here once Dad, that is what matter’s, oh l give up on you 2 leggeds you NEVER understand!!”

        1. Oh yes, that’s right my friend take her side lol lol!

          She is writing about it this week in her diary entry about how l ‘invade her private space!!’

          Where do these dawgs get this impression?

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