What Would Make For A …


What Would Make For A …

Recently l received an email concerning how l was structuring my Awards, as in my new layout. It wasn’t a dig nor was it particularly derrogatory, but more along the lines of querying why l don’t use the word nomination anymore?

For me it was a simple answer, which was that l considered a nomination to be something which perhaps led to a bigger something. For instance being nominated into a pool of other bloggers and then Awarded a prize at the end of it, and that since with the awards we see and receive that we are under no obligation to even respond, then that’s not a nomination in my eyes, that is simply a compliment, and then we are gifted the award.

The next question posed was what in my eyes would warrant a nomination award? Which again, the answer was simple, that IF the bloggers were submitted as a nomination into a grander scale of competition with and against other bloggers and then selected by points or some other numerical sequence, even if not just a panel of our peers making a decision, then that would be a truer nomination.

The final question was had l considered making a nomination award myself? To which l answered not really, not my thing. But since that email l have been giving that small discussion some thoughts. Which is why l pose these questions today.

Okay there have been many discussions in posts l have raised recently concerning this subject, so l would with your help like to discuss this slightly further – in other words – humour me please, if you will.

What do you actually like about Awards?

What do you not like about Awards?

What would you like to see with Awards?

What would you consider to be a true ‘Nomination’ Award?

If it was a true Nomination Award, as in you are entered into a pool of other bloggers and the Award had more impact and value, what would you like to see at the end of it?

For me, as you know l do like the awards, not for some vanity aspect, because l am the least vainest person l know, but as awkward as l feel about receiving compliments at times, like many l still like to receive them all the same, after-all these awards are a compliment to what we do.

When l am selected, l like to read the meaning of the award and try my damnest to try and marry the criteria of the guidelines up as best as l can to those l wish to compliment. But l know that not everyone does that.

There are many awards in WordPress for all sorts of styles, formats, presentations and so on, but what don’t we have?

If l ‘was’ going to run an Award, l would want it to have more meaning, as in not be subjected to over nomination, over complimenting, over questioning, over whelming, but above everything, for it to actually mean something to the winning Blogs. My Award would not be able to be freely nominated for starters. This is not meant to be read as pompous either.

One of my concerns is that well established bloggers are mostly going on sabbatical with regards awards due to the very nature of the abundance, prolferation and saturation that these awards make when on their rounds, and l think it’s a shame that some of our more veteran Blogs don’t feel overly obliged to take part and many a time for exactly the right reasons.

So to the person who emailed me – thank you, l have taken your suggestions on board, and l am presenting it as a Question Post.  I am not specifically looking to create one as l think that to run one such as this would require quite a bit of management, and some quality time to boot, but l did find the topic fascinating.

So what would make for a good Nomination Award in your eyes?

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  1. Wow, Rory, you’ve certainly given a lot of thought.

    What you said about being awarded a prize at the end of it reminded me of when WordPress used to pick a random blogger’s post, I think it was from one of The Daily Post’s challenges, to be Freshly Pressed and you could display the Freshly Pressed badge on your blog. That had a lot of cachet at the time. But it also created quite a bit of grumbling in the community, especially if one blogger got Freshly Pressed more than once. I don’t recall why they cancelled it, probably too much work involved in the selection process.

    Was the person who emailed you a blogger?

    1. Hey Ursula,

      Yes they were indeed a blogger. they weren’t hostile but perhaps curious.

      It did spark my interest, l have to be honest. But let’s be frank, if it didn’t spark my interest in the slightest l wouldn’t have created the original posts on the subject in the first place.

      I think overall the awards serve a genuine purpose of motivation as well as being a higher compliment than simply pressing like or commenting and complimenting on another blogger’s post.

      Admittedly l am toying with the idea because l like a challenge, but also because l think that the awards serve a community benefit. The problem l see is that of course if there was a truer nomination, then the management would have to be handled really well, and from what l have read, interest in these things declined because of over nominations and then losing the merit impact.

      So if an award was designed it would have to take a lot into consideration so that we didn’t see repeats, so as an example if the award was running, how many nominations are to be submitted? How are they to be submitted, who nominates and what do they receive for that, then how do we process that so that one blogger doesn’t collect several of the awards and therefore create even more of the grumblings?

      I had thought that if someone was to create such an award then the duration would have to come into the process. So are the nominations for every six months? A year? If the latter then the winning blog, and runner ups can only hold that title for one year/six months.

      So the award would have to take even more into consideration, and that it established a code of practice of fairness, so that those who did win could display that badge or honour or whatever but only for the set time, but also that they couldn’t win it again. So the award would be a titled badge with the year on it, that’s mandatory.

      At the end of the day, awards are a higher compliment, whereas the awards we see doing the rounds are great they serve a purpose, but they can reflect badly on other bloggers because sometimes , not always but sometimes no thought is given to those ‘nominated’, it’s almost like fishing with maggots, shall we throw them here and see what we snag.

      So what’s needed perhaps is a quality award that carries weight and is something to be proud of? Nothing wrong with a bit of earned pride.

      The blogger wished to remain anon and l shall respect that, but because l am fascinated with the topic, l did think it worthy of a question being raised 🙂

      But also let us see what the community thinks and see if we can create something unique and in the true spirit of our community 🙂

  2. I think one of the issues with trying to create cohesion and consistency with things like blogging award nominations is that you need everyone to cooperate but the blogging community is huge, and there are so many different communities within the community.

    And every blogger blogs differently for different reasons.

    Some bloggers love to read the posts of other bloggers, while other bloggers prefer to just focus on writing their own posts.

    Some bloggers love to interact with other bloggers and are very social, while others prefer to go solo or interact with a small group with whom they feel safe and at home. Extroverts versus introverts.

    You kind of see that in how each blogger deals with getting an award nomination.

    Some love to pass it on to selected bloggers – they enjoy giving the gift of a nomination to others.

    Some do a post to acknowledge the nomination they’ve received, but don’t pass it on – often because they’ve realised so many bloggers don’t do awards.

    It’s also hard work to put the whole passing it on thing and a lot of bloggers only have X amount of time to work on their posts.

    Others prefer not to do awards at all.

    And those who pass it on often do it within a small circle so that a blog award nom just goes around in a tight circle, around and around and around… and those people are caught in a loop.

    I think the concept is great, but putting it into practice hits the humans being human and complex wall.

    1. Bingo Ursula,

      What an absolute super duper spot on and informative post and exactly what l was looking for. You have hit everything on the head that l was thinking of during my first response to you, but didn’t include.

      This is a brilliant response Ursula, and l can’t say that enough .. you see if l was thinking about doing more than toying with the notion, this is the comment that would seal the deal for me, and whilst l was walking Scrappy just now, l had a lot of eager questions nipping at my behind and you have covered them here.

      Thank you – seriously thank you for this valuable input 🙂

  3. I agree with your interpretation of the word nomination.

    Personally, I don’t like to feel like I HAVE to come up with a specific post. Sometimes it’s fun, like when we were doing the quotes. Unfortunately, I don’t always have time to write. My posting is very spotty.

    I like the idea of an award that actually is the best of the best. Like the Oscars, Grammys etc.

  4. I enjoy them because they give me the chance to have fun preparing my replys to the questions posed and make an attractive post, at the same time as thanking the blogger who nominated me and mentioning other bloggers whose posts I have enjoyed.

    They do take time. but they give me something different to work on, lighthearted and fun. Many of my other posts are either about Jack or Goldfinch – and can get quite emotional. These nomination posts are more entertaining and light-hearted.

  5. All the questions that you raise and the comments are particularly interesting. I thought about it during the holidays and I had to make decisions about awards and tags. As much as I like to follow up on this type of honor, answering it takes time. Since I work full-time and have a family with children to take care of, there is very little time for blogging. So I have to keep the focus on why I decided to create a blog. In my case, it is mainly to talk about the socio-eco-friendly fashion, our impact on the environment, my passion for style, design and writing, as well as the importance of creativity in our daily lives. It is also important for me to keep time to read and comment on the posts of other bloggers. I almost got sick recently because I wanted to please everyone. Hence my decision to review my priorities and concentrate on writing posts directly related to my blog and the interests of my followers. That said, I do not refuse awards and tags. I am honored that people think of me. Moreover, I intend to continue to follow up these honors on occasion, but only when the time is right. Not at the expense of my health and my serenity. The main thing is to maintain the notion of pleasure that gives me creation and exchanges with the WP community.

    1. First and foremost Lady D – my appologies, l don’t know why but this comment never appeared in my directory and so only because l re-reading these answers for the reason behind this series have l just noticed it. Although l have seen references from other bloggers about comments not showing nor ping backs working, so maybe it’s a glitch.

      A quality answer, as always, so thank you for the time taken to commenting here – it’s answers like this l actually seek 🙂

      Keep well, prosper long [sorry couldn’t resist it!]

      1. No worries Rory. I’m also behind on my reply. There is a lot happening in my neck of the wood. Have a lovely weekend ahead. keep well, too.

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