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What inspires you you to write every day, every week or even every month in your blog?

Why do you do it? There are other ways to express how you feel, so why ‘blog it?’

What’s your story or is it your journey? What inspires you to reach out to an unseen audience and tell the world your innermost feelings, share your observations on life, highlight your opinions on your chosen topic or genre?

Is your blog a message? Or is it a way to fine tune and hone your writing skills? Is there more for you with your blog, greater heights to be scaled, a ladder and doorway to success?

What inspires you to do so every time to sit poised ready to make a new post? 

Let us know or perhaps you might know another blogger who might like to share their story?

For me, l have travelled a very long way since the creation of my blog – l had something to say about my lives, my journey and my story. Then as it grew, so too did my confidence, l started to believe in my writing again, a talent and a passion that was always there from the days of being knee high to a grasshopper to then becoming a genuine love again. It serves not just me on a daily basis, but everything about my life today. It allows me to feed and fuel my mind to create and to continue to create.

My Blog has a life of its own motivated, encouraged, nurtured and allowed to grow and develop. My blog is my inner mind, my outer mind but principally my mind. How l think, how l see the world, how l choose to communicate with the world my everyday thoughts.

My blog has become a portal to allow me to explore and discover many new things that whilst l was learned and well travelled before, it allowed me to welcome those new teachings, understandings from a community of likeminded souls, fellow writers and enthusiasts and above all, it has further allowed me to develop new friends and friendships that l didn’t have in my life before.

My blog has become an everyday way of life for me as is the air l breathe – my blog has become an extension of my life and my identity. In the process to being inspired, l have become more inspired and somehow in the process l have inspired others to also look deeper into their own blogs and thinking. I am not blowing my own trumpet here, but you know – society pressures us into thinking a certain way, of hindering our creativity and not allowing us to truly express and inspire the way we wish to – our blogs allow us to stand tall, and say NO! We are bloggers, writers, authors and free thinking individuals – we are who we are, and we are proud!

Oh yes, my blog has travelled far from the early days, it has inspired me to achieve greater things to within myself, the community has encouraged me to inspire further … but that is just me, what about you, what’s your story?

I ask you this, because l do assure you with hand upon heart and fingers on keyboard, your readers want to know.

So why not tell them?

It’s a simple process and doesn’t take that long … so what are you waiting for?

Currently we number 48 ,…

… are you number 49?

Would you like to be?

Series 2 Questionnaire

Drop me an email here

Thanks – Rory

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      1. I would,if I could. Too many social commitments these days. If there is no time limit I will do it over the weekend.

  1. I don’t remember doing this so I copied the questions and will get to it when my little master allows.
    Nudge me if I haven’t sent it in a couple weeks. My memory is like a Swiss cheese… LOL

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