Dear Blog … 08.59 – 23/01/19


The Pixie Dance,

It happened last night, it happened without warning. I was minding my own business, l was doing some writing, and suddenly Scrappy who was dozing on the carpet beside my desk looked up and turned in the direction of the noise coming from the hallway.

A strange noise, a sort of whooping and yaying like a kind of childish dance for joy but marginally deeper. Then we saw it … there she was!

Suze in full pixie dance mode! It’s a strange dance, it has to be said, l can’t even really describe it, a sort of Irish jig combined with almost the dance moves of Run-DMC – It’s Like That!! Yes, l know, odd.

However, it’s the not the dance that is the surprising bit, it is what the Pixie dance from Suze represents!!



Before the Pixie dance, it had been raining lightly and the ground was wet, then when Suze declared rather gleefully that it was now snowing and after a quick check, Scrappy and l could both confirm that it was.

Of course it’s nothing like Europe has already had, or like Canada or the States, or even probably Scotland! But and yet here it was!


I went to bed at around 2.11am this morning and it was snowing hard, and it’s snowing hard again. The furball beside me on the carpet has had a quick look outside but is far from impressed. Suze having left early has gone to work, and l am writing this not looking forwards to going outside in it.  I have had an astonishing 28 incidents in snow, 27 of them relatively lethal! So as much as l love to look at it, that’s about it. It would be alright if it was simply bright white snow and then gone, but it doesn’t do that! It lingers and ices up.

Scrappy assures me she has a 4 paws diary entry to paw today and she will discuss her feelings about all of this then! Oh dear, that sounds troublesome!

We don’t often have snow here on the far east coast, that’s not saying we never have it, but it’s not like l used to get in Lincolnshire when there were snow drift sometimes above my head! It goes very quickly which is a shame, but it does stay for a wee while, who knows this year’s might be different, that’s what the weather men are insinuating!


However the purpose of this post is not to read me whinging on like a demented puppy, but please remember the birds during this weather, plucky little blighters would like me to tell you to that if you can, fill up their seed pots and their bird baths…life still goes on!

Dear Blog ……

11 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 08.59 – 23/01/19

    1. Yes, l know, l really have to be! I am terrible in snow. As Scrappy has aged, she is also somewhat timid in the white stuff thankfully, unlike her younger days when she used to run through it like shite off a shovel!

      But we will tackle it soon enough.

      It’s nice to see it …..on a postcard! 🙂

  1. This reminded me of when we used to live in Scotter, a village in Lincolnshire, and it had snowed BIG TIME, and drifted lots. We attempted one day to get into the town of Scunthorpe, and the way in which the drifts had gone, it honestly felt like we were on the moon! Just a totally different landscape. Big high mounds at each side of the road, and nothing familiar really distinguishable. It had its own strange beauty, but oh boy! It snookered us for a while.

    Our road now, always gets kind of cut off with even minimal snow, because it never gets the sun at all, and we are on a hill too. So going out can get rather difficult. And yes, we too have snow this morning! But as you say, nothing compared to many other places

      1. It always LOOKS so beautiful but then it gets tiresome after a while! I hope the temps go up, then ours will go.

  2. I like the occasional snow we get up in the mountains about an hour’s drive away. While it can get down to freezing temperatures where I live, it’s only when the skies are clear.
    Snow is fun to look at, possibly drive up to play in, but not to live in thank you very much.

    I do love that from where I live it’s possible to go to the desert, the mountains and the beach all in one day.

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