4 Paws Diary – Ep 29


Episode 29

4 Paws Diary

23rd January 2019

You’re Joking!!!?

Hi everyone!!

See l did say that my next episode would not be another 38 days later and l have kept to my word…it’s 16 days later, which is about right for my two weekly paw posts.

The clickitty above may not be one of the best clickitty’s in the world, but it was a true reflection of my opinion this morning when dad opened the door to the outside world where he expected me to do my morning wee! I took one look, noted that he ‘the oh so wise one’ had already been out and decided that this was a no brainer, and the answer was NO! At that time which was apparently just before 8am, like WHO is awake at this time in winter anyway? It was still snowing with enthusiasm, and l was completely and utterly unwilling to go and christian virginal snow with my wee. I turned tail and told dad he was more than welcome to take my place!

It just looked cold, and l tried my very best to look lost and forlorn and stood there shaking … the trick worked beautifully and dad said “Ok Dudes, you don’t have to go out if you don’t want to.”

With that l ran back inside! Got back into my warm bed and prayed l could hold out till dad has his shave and shower and we went walking. But even dad wasn’t overly keen to get into it. Dad has three expressions for the white cold powders, these being snowy stuff, sludgy stuff and shitty stuff! His exact words! Mummy loves the white powders whatever the format, and last night dad and l knew it was on route because of mummy’s crazy pixie dance! When she dances like that, it means snow! Like the one’s below ….

Obviously l am clearly showing you the idiocy of the two leggeds and not the animals, because we only do this out of tolerance for two leggeds!! Although admittedly, we animals are usually much better dancers …just sayin’

However, l found l couldn’t hold my wee in for ever and had to ask dad before his shave to go outside which he gleefully said yes to and as l ran outside he ran to get his clickitty box. I was trying to be very quick, because l know dad only too well, and he likes nothing more than to try and capture me in embarassing moments. But the snow was just so icky, l had to put my bottom just inches above it and it felt cold! Then l high tailed it as quickly as l could back indoors, but l was just too late!! Dad caught me, tip toeing at speed with that silly box of his!




Of course dad complained bitterly about the quality of the ‘shots’, and said that they were slightly blurry and could l go out again so  he could take better ones and why had l run inside so quickly??

Well, what is it mummy calls him again? Oh yes that’s right, because it’s cold you absolute plonker! I wanted to shout!

Luckily it’s now thawing, and when we went outside for a little walk this morning, it was exactly just that, little!! I am not as robust as l used to be, you know, we all get old, and l love my home comforts, anyway, was just a quickie again, l have me some warm snoozing to do before l am set to take an afternoon walk in the what dad might call sludgy stuff!

Catch you all later.

Tootlepip from Doodlepip!

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