Dear Blog … 22.35 – 22/01/19


Unsettling Discoveries and Vaults Unearthed …

As a diary 1969, is somewhat tough going, it’s stirring once settled earth, and silent rumblings are awakening beneath the surfaces.

There are memories floating back from ancient words on yellowing paper, an ocean of echoes winding their way upwards from darkened vaults.

Doors are creaking open for the first time in fifty years, l remember this lane, l remember those times, but there is a difference this time.

He wasn’t ‘always’ bad, he just got worse. He wasn’t always the devil, he was never the angel of course, but who of us are truly beneath the masks?

But now l am seeing something else, and that is what disturbs me the most, and has caused me the most upset … the things l hadn’t forgotten, just had pushed to one side.

Yeah, 1969 is a much harder year than 1973.

Dear Blog ……

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