Always Looking for the Or!

Always Looking for the Or! 

I have a hankering for some things,
Some say it’s not normal,
…and that if anything, l am awash in sin!
Cos l am always always swimming in the carnal …
and oral knowledge is a beautiful topic,
Have you noticed that as well?
Kaleidoscopic, exotic, erotic and frolic,
All good words too, like swell!
Gently, up and down, up and down,
Rhythmically and sensual,
 … But it depends upon how your mind sways,
Which way,
You decide to bend,
…. over or not, perhaps you like it differently?
Your mind is able to access and assess at the same time,
Maybe you are more for the wiggly,
Not the jiggly, or perhaps you love the agility,
… of the words themselves,
I mean, you are either a topper,
A bottomer …. or even just a middler?
You can of course be all three…
The best of us are, we like to spread it out …
…. creatively.
Of course , not everyone understands the layout of the mind,
Where the body is concerned, they don’t have the affinity,
So don’t try to find,
Out what this is about?
They’ll twist their minds and ease themselves into,
A different path.
Denied, they’ll laugh
and only do so because they are looking for,

The conventionality of the or,
… maybe, but usually, they are always looking for the ‘or’
But you know, it comes down to if you like to twiddle or fiddle ,
In the top, the lower or the middle!

© Rory Matier 2019

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