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Christmas has come and gone and we’re already half way through January but I’m not done with it! Oooh no! I haven’t had a chance yet to tell you about it. I had a lot of fun playing tricks on people but there was one where I got EVERYONE! It was glorious. I tried to […]

via Howdy Doody Dinner.. — Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

There’s sick and then there’s ‘Anyone for Diaper Dessert??”

Two girls and a cup have nothing on Britchy!

10 thoughts on “Howdy Doody Dinner.. — Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

        1. Why?

          LOL! I actually threw up when l saw it the first time as l genuinely thought it was real!

          Felt a right NOB when l learned it was false, but then hey, l am the fella that thought Blair Witch was real lol lol and have l said lol yet??

          1. Hahahahaha, it was too much for my eyes and ears and brain to behold.

            I don’t know, it’s been over 10 years now. Perhaps I was so traumatized by it, plus I assumed only young people knew of it.

          2. It would be about ten years for me if l am honest l think it was 2008, and my girlfriend at the time showed it to me and l was like OH MY GAWD!! That’s disgusting. But then, l throw up if l see a slug lmao! or see someone with mucus in their nose!

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