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Circles eventually meet up again,

Admittedly, not exactly what l was looking for in the way of results, l didn’t set my expectations too high and thankfully l wasn’t that disappointed. At least there is good news and bad news. I just am left with the impression that l have been here before.

I found out what the so called ‘injective surgery’ meant and that is l am to be operated under a general anaesthetic but not really operated on, but to have my shoulder manipulated with a series of steroid injections. It was confirmed that l have in addition to the pinched nerve which l knew about a fully collpased acromion on top of my shoulder and l have tendonitis in my upper biceps muscle which is the result of the collapsed acromion. The acromion sits in the middle of the pinched nerve and the tendonitis which is why there is so much pain – this being three seriously affected areas of damage.

So l am now to await my appointment to have this steroid injective surgery, and then wait six weeks and if the pain is still there which they suspect it might be, then l am to have keyhole surgery to repair the acromion.

I have been told that l can still type but to not twist my hand, and to not lift my arm above my shoulder, which l can’t do anyway. to keep my arms flat when typing and keep the right arm hard pressed against a flat surface and to not allow any freedom of movement between the flat surfaces and air as in don’t allow the arm to bear any weight.

The surgery is possibly the final result, but that they have to try option B first before admitting that option A is the only way forwards. So now back to the waiting game and have more pain till the option B operation.

Oh well, l suppose at a push this is good news … if it works, but even the consultant didn’t look hopeful, and more so when he said that collapsed acromions are very hard to recover with just option B proceedures. Once the acromion is repaired the pinched nerve should start to recover.

I would like to say l am thrilled but sadly l am not, the drive down to the hospital and the drive home absolutely caned me, and even now nearly three and half hours after returning home l still feel physically drained and sick with the pain.

Rome wasn’t built in a day they say.

Dear Blog ……

18 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 21.55 – 21/01/19

    1. I know. I saw some years ago, an article where they said they had discovered even more Rome in the sewers. Rome basically just kept building upon Rome upon Rome. It took 700 years to finally build Rome, l suspect it will take another 700 years to discover the original Rome lol 🙂

  1. I’m so sorry to hear this. I know you have been suffering from this for some time now.
    I’m kinda in the same boat with my knees. I’m going for the gell shots for three weeks in a row next month. Already knowing what the other option is… double knee replacement surgery. I’m so fighting this because there are so many steps in the house. I’m trying to hold off on this for at least another year.
    I hate when the surgeon even looks skeptical at the options. Makes me nervous, which I’m sure is what it is doing to you.

    1. Hey Beckie – l think in all honesty, l am pissed off. if Option B is not the ideal option, then why do it? why not just shoot for the stars and go for option A? i don’t particularly want to have surgery, but l simply don’t want this pain to continue anymore and now that it actually makes me throw up.

      In my books this isn’t ‘great great news’, this is just great great delay.

      I am tiring of being on 16 plus tablets a day that only hit the 85% relief mark, l am tired of not being able to do anything simple anymore without being drained all the time. As far as l am concerned this is just unnecessary delays.

      1. I completely understand the frustration and pain you are going through. The steroid manipulation might actually help, at least for 6 months maybe longer. I know it helped my mother. Plus it helped me for a while. Then I was switched to the gell shots.
        I am so hoping the very best for you.

  2. I freakin HATE when they say let’s try this first. I went through so so so much of that! I didn’t start out with Fibromyalgia, but all the bullshit waiting had me in constant pain for 7 years. Through 3 surgeries and several injections and machine trials. Now I have a pain condition for life that can only be eased by a machine in my body that drips Fentanyl into my spinal fluid.
    I’m so angry on your behalf! What a bunch of shit!

    1. Yes so do l, but there has been a major shift in the NHS of recent times, so now they are trialing alternatives first apparently.

      If l take the optimistic approach it might work, but when the surgeon said “Well your last cortisone didn’t work, although with you under the GA we can specifically drive the injections into the right locations rather than guess work, and it might work, although there’s the sad chance that your body is just one that repells it which is why it might not take. We shall have to see.’ That sort of put a dampener on me.

  3. It is a step in the right direction. The wait is a nuisance. But there is hope of your pain being treated soon. All the best.

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