Dear Blog … 12.15 – 21/01/19

My Father in Reflection,

I started this series last year following my Father’s death, after l discovered a treasure trove of his written words in the formats of diaries and letters, short fiction stories, historical writing and memoir shorts. In addition to those l have the manuscripts to his ‘novels’. The other reason for the series was to try and get a handle on my Father, or the Father l didn’t know as well. I had many questions about him and his role in my life as my Father. I wanted to know why for twenty years he had stopped dead in his tracks following the ending of his last relationship in 1998 to his long lost love.

Over the last three months or so of posting his stories as well as reading them, l have discovered that l did know him, the credo of a leopard doesn’t lose its spots was still apt. He was the same man l always knew, just as he aged he became very fixed in many of his already traditionalist and at time anti-flavoursome opinions. But that happens to us all. He had become very cynical, however and of the few stories l have not displayed, that cynicism is quite rife.

Now this week, Part 1 of this series will be finishing. These stories were much easier to simply, read, edit, copy and paste into my own editor as they were saved to disc on his own hardrive. However Part 2 holds a further 100 – 150 additional stories but these were never stored into the computer and will require me to write up and with my current writing restrictions this makes it somewhat difficult. So for the time being, Part 2 will have to wait till l am back in 100% fitness status. But the series doesn’t end. I vowed to myself, that l would show to both myself and my readership the writings of my Father.

Luckily to a certain degree l can detach emotionally from him as my Father, and recognise that he wasn’t that bad a fiction writer as well as a crafty wordsmith. I got my own skill set from someone, and l know it wasn’t my Mother, she was/is a devout reader but not a prolific writer like my Father was. Also many of my readership enjoy his stories, and so too do l. The learning process has been an interesting one and has filled with me with a lot of fascination, so l am keen to continue promoting this series because of the interest level that l also have for his writings.

I had a strategy in mind of how l was going to write this series up before l started and so far it is running the way l planned it; Part 1 Written Stories, The Diary Readings, the Novels, Part 2 Written Stories and finishing with the unfinished auobiography. So all in all, about a years worth of publishing to my blog. A year with my dad, l think that is fair do’s. Of course once the series is finished l had also planned to then write a new series entitled: Family’s Not A Word – It’s A Sentence For Life! Which would be my summary of the year itself since my Father’s death.

I haven’t not noticed the irony in all of this either, that in some ways l have been closer to my Father with this series than he ever allowed me to become when he was alive. There is a sadness there l feel. But he chose as did l to walk different paths to each other due to the very nature of the man himself, he attached his emotions to my Sister Jenny, rather than share them equally. Such is the way of life.

So sometime this week, l will be starting to post up the first of his novels [Footsteps] which thankfully are saved to disc and are accessible in a series of ‘episodes’, when the short stories finally end in Part 1.

Dear Blog ……

10 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 12.15 – 21/01/19

    1. Good afternoon/morning Poddy – we come back l think to the definition of creative – what is it? He could tell a story when prompted, and yet he struggled to get his novels published because he was not creative enough.

      People say l am creative and l don’t believe l am, l just have a vivid imagination – my Father struggled with his imagination.

      it all comes down to definition … but he could write and if he had allowed himself to not fixate on one line of story with his novels could have found success in historical fiction very easily l feel 🙂

      1. Maybe, allow the readers to decide. We are quite critical on ourselves, yet whenever I read your stories and poems, I am taken aback at the level of skill between your eyes down to your pen.

        1. If the readers wish to think my Father was creative, that is entirely down to them 🙂

          But l think maybe it’s all about words? Afterall, what is creativity apart from the using of one’s imagination and inventiveness 🙂

          1. I think in truth, it’s because l find in the case of writing as an example those whom can create from a scratch a story out of nowhere highly creative.

            As l said to you before, l seriously struggle with fiction. So my true definition of creative is those that can create something unique from scratch.

            I can be inventive and yes l have an imagination, but l use the latter in comjunction with my inventiveness, now to some that might be creative, just not to me.

            Dad, could create something from prompt, and he could recreate a piece of historical fiction after reading something to ignite his imagination, and yet when he tried to write his novels, he simply couldn’t marry the two that well, which is why l think the publishing houses didn’t take to his novel ideas.

            Had he created say something from the nopoleonic era in fiction, l think he would have done very very well, but he became fixated on writing about his lost love with an ex girlfriend and every single novel he attempted to write was about just that one thing.

            So his ‘creative ability’ l think had been besmirched by him losing sight of his end goal.

          2. Everything happens for a reason. Adaptation and appreciation have the ability to really open peoples eyes and minds to see beyond the horizon.

            Perhaps your father is your catalyst, maybe your muse.

            Just a thought, I could be completely off base.

          3. Who knows – as far as l was concerned in the last twenty years he was just my biological Father. Had he perhaps shown to me anything else, we may have had a better Father/Son relationship 🙂

            But he didn’t and we didn’t, and as they say, life goes on.

  1. Awesome are the gifts we find at times too late and mostly just when we need them somehow in death the best and even the worst parents have a way of teaching us something remarkable. So if that be the only – albeit huge – thing your dad gave you, you’re a lucky man and better for it, indeed.

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