A Roaring Good Time – Promo Post



A Roaring Good Time – Promo Post

Last Friday l was in the ‘studio’ with Poddy of Bottomlesscoffee007 and l had a thoroughly good time with my own Podcast.

Now at my own concession l was as nervous as a quivering fox tail! i was, l had already listened to Britchy’s Podcast and noted how very calm she was and enjoying her good natured humour that we are all too familiar with, and then l listened to Kristian’s Podcast and he was excellent with his history and chickens and l enjoyed them both immensely.

Britchy suggested l have a go and Poddy [my nickname for him as Bottomlesscoffee007 is a hugemouthful], and upon messaging Poddy set it up and away l went.

Suze’s first reaction was “You were terrible!” Something which she recanted later on in the evening, and diluting that down to “You sounded so nervous, why, it’s not like it was live there and then, it was just a phone call?”

Which of course was true, but what Suze sometimes forgets is that l do not speak to a lot of people day in day out on a regular basis, like she does with her job, or like Britchy does whom again at her own concession says she loves speaking to people. Kristian, l know from his previous posts isn’t mr social butterfly either, but still he probably speaks to more people than me on any given week, and l think that the level of vocal sociality you have is reflective when you are speaking to someone new or just speaking to people.

Today as an example so far, l have spoken to 3  people, Suze this morning briefly before she went to work, Dodger who came over for a five minute chat to see how l was and a lady on the phone to do with my hospital appointment for 15 minutes. This evening l will speak to the surgeon and the taxi driver who is driving me to the hospital, but as to full length conversations – that they have not been or will not be. Today l am going to the hospital, so it’s different to a normal day … as in today l will probably have spoken to a total of maybe 7 people.

A normal day l speak to Suze and that is it.  Now l speak to myself continually, but in so far as speaking to other external people, it might be one other but mostly it’s just Suze and of course Scrappy, but with the latter no social etiquette is needed.

So, as far as ‘social vocality’ goes, l am really in the lower dundrums of communication, l speak mostly through the written form and because of that l sometimes forget how to speak to other people. Fact.

So last Friday, l was really nervous speaking to Poddy, not just specifically him, because l enjoyed speaking to him as one on one which l am better at than say one of three plus. But nervous about how l might be heard live later. So sure, l wasn’t live on the phonecall, but my recording would be live after that.

I was a little bit astonished at just how much l rambled on, how my voice wasn’t as clear as it could’ve been and there were a few other flaws, but as l have said – l actually enjoyed the experience and it was something l wanted to do again.

Now Ursula of An Upturned Soul suggested this in the comments section ….

“Maybe you and ‘Poddy’ should team up and do a regular podcast together, a shorter one 20 mins max so listeners want more and don’t get listening fatigue, that way you can help him promote his blog and he can help you get comfortable with podcasting. A mix of what he does and what you do… I can see it becoming popular.”

Which l thought was a fabulous idea and so too did Poddy, so much so, that we are going to run a promo Podcast this Friday afternoon entitled A Roaring Good Time …. hopefully as Ursula suggests it will work really well for both of us, and l can improve my social vocality and Poddy can increase those wishing and looking to hold Podcast interviews with him.

So my thanks to Ursula for the suggestion and to Poddy for giving the thumbs up 🙂

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