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If you kept a diary, would you lie to it or if you keep a diary do you lie within your pages and if so to either questions … why?

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  1. Difficult to answer truthfully. I keep a food and exercise diary in my app and I often “forget” to put in stuff that I ate or put in some more of the exercise that I didn’t do! And why? Because it looks better when in black and white, than if I put the actual amount…… Very bad to lie to yourself!

        1. So do you think that by not adding these little things, it’s a biggie of an issue, or not?

          If you had something really bad, would you write about that, or would you leave that out?

  2. other than my food diary, which I was always honest about (n point lying to yourself when you’re dieting), the only ‘diary’ I kept was actually a moan book in which I would vent verbally on whatever or whoever had annoyed me at the time. The following day I would re-read it, think how stupid and rip out the pages. Kept me sane as a teenager.

  3. I’m brutally honest in all things! Lies are hard to keep track of and pointless. I can’t imagine why anyone would like in a journal. It’s not really a journal then is it?! It’s a book of fiction.

    1. Yes that’s what l thought. or perhaps you would lie in your diary if you were not the only one reading it?

      The question l have posed here is because as l am reading my Father’s diaries l am becoming more and confused and so wonder is he penning these things because they happened exactly as they did, is he penning fiction to make him feel better or is he penning to not show the truth to a foreign reader?

      I mean the one l am reading now is 50 years old this year, 1969. his entries do not read as lying, just honest facts, but if he is telling the truth, then my Mother has been lying to me for a very long time. Worse than that, l can remember back albeit at times sketchy to around the age of five, so 1968 and l have penned memories from those years myself. I remember 69 pretty clearly, but as l read, l do have some of the bad memories resurfacing.

      I cannot see him forward thinking that 50 years later his then 6 year old son would be reading his diaries in 2019.

        1. Hey Grandma, well there is of course many a truth in that – many of so his so called memoir stories had an element of fictionalisation to them. I knew he was a liar and a fabricator, but so too was my own Mother, and of course my Sister falls into that rank. I am just too brutally honest to lie, and whilst l may tell the occasional white lie at times and especially if l think the truth may upset someone, but l think at times we all do that to save the grace and dignity of another – if l was holding a journal, l could only but be honest.

          Trying to read 69 as the example for the reason to this question is pretty hard going. However, l have just started to see a pattern to things in his writing, and this may make the reading easier. It’s not a case of him ‘lying’ it’s l think more of a case of him not telling all of the truth.

          I know he had a serious issue with wanting to be seen as a victim as well as wanting to be seen as a hero, but my Mother who was later on in her life diagnosed with Munchausen by proxy as in her disorder affecting me, was also suffering from munchausen syndrome, and this explains much of her life, from back then to even today. However she still had emotional problems back then as she was living with Dad, and she seemingly was never happy.

          But then, my memory is longer than many and l remember things he writes about happening. My Mother was equally as violent as my Father at times, they were both argumentative people.

          Still l read on 🙂

  4. I don’t keep a diary, but if you lie to yourself, and I think that most people do to some extent, I wouldn’t think it was a stretch to think that you’d lie to your diary.

  5. I don’t keep a diary, but I have lied to myself before. Over time I have learned to be more truthful but sometimes I still make things seem better than what they are in my mind if I need help coping. I agree with Fandango… I think that most people do this to some extent. Dieting, exercise and shopping come to mind when I say that we all do it… I think we all find excuses that make us feel better about “doing or not doing” what we think is right. These excuses are little lies we tell ourselves. Great question Rory!

    1. Hey Christie 🙂

      Hope you are keeping well.

      Thanks for your comments here 🙂

      I don’t keep a diary per se and have only kept one my entire life, although l suppose the Dear Blog series is my digital diary.

      I think a lot of people do, tell little fibs to make themselves feel better even on paper, or as you say to cope with perhaps the reality of things and maybe even keep things in perspective.

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