K9 Adventures [17] – Wee Are Family


[A smaller post today direct to my K9’s]

“Wee Are Family!”

Recently declared by Mummy…
“Doodles for goodness sake, l am having a pee!”
“Doods, l am having a shower!”
“Pip, l am on the toilet, is there no peace time from you?”

We are family
I got all my sisters with me
We are family
Get up everybody and sing
We are family
I got all my sisters with me
We are family
Get up everybody and sing
Everyone can see we’re together
As we walk on by
[We Are family – Sister Sledge 1979]

I have always liked this song by Sister Sledge and it is so appropriate for this post.

As l explained in episode 11 Rise N Shine, l carry out a very specific role here, l am an HST – Household Security Technician, which means l am here to guard my family, protect my Sisters!

“Oh for goodness sake Dad, stop being so literal! Is that your asbeeness playing up again? When l say Sisters l mean you too as l am covering everyone, and no you’re not a girl l know that! So calm down, ok? You can be really hard work at times, l know what Mummy means now!”

Mummy complains when l nose my way into the toilet if she is scenting there, and gets all, l don’t know, kind of strange. It’s almost like she thinks for some reason that she has privacy here in the house. No one has privacy, that’s not what a family is about in my books, we are family and so therefore we are always open with each other.

It matters not if you are marking your territory or cleaning yourself up, l just have to remind you that …

1] I am here to watch your back
2] That l am here
3] So you don’t forget that WE are family!

I never complain to either of them when out on the walk and they are watching me pee and poop, not once. I never complain if they pick up my poop – nope, never! I never give them a hard time if l am grunting when pooping and they are commenting, never! As far as they are concerned that is open territory and anybody can watch. They are watching my back! So where is the difference when they are pooping or scent marking and just sitting there staring at the door? Surely it’s got to be better to be fussing me, or talking to me than doing nothing??

I find it stranger when they just go into that little room and shut the door, then sit there and do their toilet. That room is part of the home territories, it is not sacred, if they are not there and l walk in they don’t tell me to leave, and yet the moment they start their scenting, l am ushered out??

How can l protect anyone if l am outside when they are at their most vulnerable?
Dad is the oddest one of the lot; he sits there and reads, yes reads! Sometimes he is in there for so long l wonder if he has fallen in!!

So to my fellow K9’s, insist on being in there with them, remind them, that you are the HST of the house; it is your obligated duty to be in there with them! Don’t take NO for an answer, when they say NO, you say NO! Your family, is a family, it is your family, protect them as you must! When they are scent marking, get in there and stare at them, watch their backs, make sure nothing creeps up on them! If you can, try and smell them afterwards to make sure their health is good!

It’s a dirty job, but someone has got to do it!

Anyway, catch you again soon … Tootle pip from Doodlepip!


6 thoughts on “K9 Adventures [17] – Wee Are Family

  1. Huny here: I INSIST on following my mummy in there. If she closes the door, I whine and bawl and scratch the paint on the outside until she opens it again. Such a fuss over scenting these humans have!! Of course, THEY put up a worse fuss if one leaves scent in there…all that yelling and ‘bad dogs’ echoing around…they do it, why shouldn’t WE(e)? Anyway, thanks for the interesting scent mail post…very good!

    1. Hey Huny, thank you, yeah l know, the 2 leggeds just fon’t get it – seriously l agree why all the fuss, a wee is a wee like the we is a we too 🙂

  2. Pepsi here – I insist on the open-door policy. I may turn my back, as I expect them to do the same when I do my toilet (otherwise, I’ll go up the high bank and make sure it’s a stinker!).
    Open-door policy, or the security role has gone to the cats!
    And put the lid down – I do not want to see …

    1. Hey Pepsi good morning, looking forwards to pawing your interview up later 🙂

      Dad is okay [now] with the open door policy here, admittedly Mummy is still at times the difficult one, and l honestly don’t know why? Everyone does it, so why get all het up?

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