Dear Blog … 21.39 – 17/01/19


Scrappy’s all clear,

Well excellent news – the Scrapster was given the ‘all clear’ no terrible results from this ‘anal’ thing of hers. It was a pea sized nodule just under a month ago, and that period of time later it’s still just a pea sized nodule. They have declared it, ‘scar tissue’. Now Scrappy assures me she knew this all along, as indeed did both Suze and myself. But it’s still good to have it confirmed.

The vets described her as a tough ol’ bird, that’s Scrappy, not Suze!

Scraps just wanted me to say ‘thanks all’ for your support and kind words.


Now for something different, earlier today a l reblogged a post from Britchy of Bitchin in the Kitchen entitled Mayhem On The Airwaves – My Interview With Bottomless Coffee which was a scintillating podcast with Bottomlesscoffee007 and our Britchy.  Our Kristian, from Tales from the mind of Kristian has also performed ‘orally’ here as well, so do make sure you check these podcast interviews out, and give a good read to Bottomless Coffee 007 at the same time.

Now why am l telling y’all this?

Because l have just spoken to Poddy, my nickname for 007, in a soundcheck for my interview tomorrow, and l am at my own concession looking forwards to it.

Dear Blog ……

9 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 21.39 – 17/01/19

  1. Glad to hear good news from the vet!
    I very much want to listen to the podcasts! It seems there’s always someone yammering at me so I haven’t had a chance to yet 🙁 Now I’ll have three times the incentive!!

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