Oh No Way, Oh So Way – My Way! [2]


Oh No Way, Oh So Way – My Way![2]

Been chased by a wild animal

Oh So Way.

At one period in my life, l think the better question may have been what Hasn’t chased you?

Farted in an elevator or other such enclosed space

Oh So Way.

Of course – and here, humour and health all at once everyone does it!

Read a book upside down

Oh So Way.

Yes, l once held a training session with everything upside down.

Peed in a public swimming pool

Oh So Way.

Well it’s not a practice l made a regular habit of, but it can happen and it did happen, and it’s way better than doing a number two!

Been in handcuffs  … your interpretation …

Oh So Way.

Sadly, falsely arrested once and yes to the other several times!

Started a fight

Oh No Way.

I was bullied as a kid and as an adult. I tended to be the victim rather than the perp.

Fallen asleep in/on the toilet

Oh So Way.

Yes, once when l was a young catering manager, working 100 hours a week, l fell asleep on the toilet during a very busy banqueting season. Also many a time l have dozed on the toilet.

Had sex in a public place

Oh So Way.

Of course, you can’t knock it till you have tried it … so l tried it several times!

Sent food back to the chef in a restaurant

Oh So Way.

Absolutely, l cannot stand shoddy service to begin with and if the food l am paying for isn’t right, then it has to go back.

Changed a tyre

Oh So Way.

Not often, as l lost a tyre once on the roadside and my Father never forgave me, but l ‘can’ change them, if asked to.

Fallen asleep on a date

Oh So Way.

Oh yeah, once many, many years ago, l fell asleep on the second date with my to-be wife in a Greek restaurant in Peterborough. what can l say, it happens. I had worked two weeks non-stop on the trot with no sleep gearing up my new store in Peterborough and l knew that if l stopped for long enough it might happen, sadly it did. She let me sleep for twenty five minutes!

Been caught doing it … your interpretation …

Oh So Way.

Caught in a few places! Part of the fun in truth!

Flirted with someone half or double your age

Oh So Way.

Of course, when younger l was classed as incorrigible as a flirt, l would disagree l would say l was just friendly. But l was very friendly to all ages of ladies.

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