no way so way and gosh it’s confusing!

ummmmmmm, no way. and YOU figure out what I am talking about!

But, but, but folks – what is Suze referring to?!

You’ll just have to read her answers to find out!

suziland too or obsolete childhood

Rory has once again come up with a rather odd, yet oddly amusing challenge. This is my first go at it, and it seems to be the last in a series of three. I hope he will forgive me if I have been a bit “out of it” for the past several weeks.

Here are Rory’s “rules” :

“Oh No Way, Oh So Way!

All you need do to the questions below are answer Oh No Way for ‘No, l have never’ or Oh So Way for Yes, l have!’  Therefore your answers to the questions below can only swing two ways ‘yes or no’ or Oh So Way or Oh No Way’.

You need only answer in the comments section below or It’s up to you if you go further or treat this as a prompt for a post .. . if however you choose to answer in…

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