Dear Blog … 12.58 – 16/01/19


3000 Words No More!

Suze has placed a restriction on me! I am only allowed to write three thousand words a day and less if l can. She has placed this on me due to this weekend coming up where she says she is going to watch me like a hawk and to ensure l don’t get into any arguments with my Sister, nor lift anything!

My shoulder has deteriorated further, as has indeed my neck … well the nerve hasn’t got worse, but the shoulder has, and the nerve is reacting violently to everything now.

I have my surgeons appointment next Monday, so hopefully l will get some good news with regards the repair work needed to fix this problem.

However Suze says l need to try and curb how much writing l do … mm, this is fun! Thank goodness for the ability to reblog!

Dear Blog ……

18 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 12.58 – 16/01/19

          1. I do not know. But they are using it as their profile photo. I wanted to make sure there was no connection between their site and mine. It’s all a bit odd. However, I am not going to make a fuss – not worth it – I was chatting with Sadje about it earlier and I think I might pick a few possibilities and then throw it open in a post asking which suits me best.
            Internet is weird Rory. I am just going to get on with picking a better picture for myself.

          2. I chose the bumble bee biscuit because it was something I bought for Goldfinch earlier last year. I bought two of them. I featured them in a post named Bee Mine!

            I might choose something that fits more with the site name CRUSHED CARAMEL (LEARNER AT LOVE) I am going to have a think about it, In the meantime – the daisies are cute aren’t they?

  1. Listen Rory! When someone gives you a restriction for your own good you aren’t supposed to try and get around it! This is very naughty and not be tolerated. The fact that I do EXACTLY the same is totally irrelevant! I’m on Suze’s side when you’re in trouble and I’m not! Feel better soon. I know you have an arduous weekend ahead of you

    1. I am keeping to it Mom! Are you sure you and Suze aren’t related?? I am keeping a very keen eye on the amount of words l produce every day.

      Yesteday l only produced 2700 words, it just looked more, that’s all, although l am not counting the comments, they don’t count.

      Suze is more concerned with the content writing, being sat in one fixed position for hours at a time. But l have so much to write and l cannot control my mind.

      in many respects l am thankful for my Father’s words, because they have reduced my writing time down significantly in truth. Thankfully the stories coming out now were on disc. He still has a hundred odd stories that were only printed to paper and they would have to written up.

      I t saddens me that l can’t write long content anymore.

      But l will comply to my two Mother’s demands of me!!

      I will also do so, because l can’t write as much as l was anymore. Three months ago l easily had 5000+ words in me per day, now l struggle with the higher quantity as it causes me too much pain. So 3000 is maybe right, although maybe l am only good for 2500.

      See, l am learning Mom No 2 lol!

      1. Have you thought about trying a speech to text program and dictating your posts? I’m sure you’d need to edit but that would be a lot less typing?

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