K9 Adventures [13] – Four Legged Pawdik


Mummy and me Pawdik Walking together!

Four Legged Pawdik Walking, Pilates, Omming and Rolling Too!

Hey Everyone,

You may recall me mentioning Pilates and yoga, and said that l would talk of it when it was convenient to do so, well ta da it’s convenient!, So here we are, and l am raring to go!

Exercise is very, very important to everyone, not just four leggeds like me, but also two leggeds like Dad and Mummy.

Mummy is very health conscious, and as l am her little girl, l try to do my bit to keep up appearances by joining in and taking the motivation and encouragement as l can. Dad is, mmm, Dad is … well he is healthier than he used to be admittedly, but he is NOT as studious as Mummy and l am. Dad walks, but that really is it, in comparison to Mummy who does Yogi and four legged walking. Mummy doesn’t call it that, she calls it something else … Nawdik, yes that’s it, Mummy is a Nawdik Walker and this means she must walk with poles which give her in essence two extra legs! Dad just has two legs, whilst l have naturally four legs! When Mummy’s extra legs are on, she is like a Greyhound!! She’s really fast, way faster than Dad and l am!! She leaves us in her wake!!

I am getting older, but admittedly in my younger days l would have given her a walk to remember! These days, my head is willing, but my body cannot go the same distance anymore. In fact ever since the arrival of IverD, my whole fitness programme has slowed down, oh well no one said getting old was easy, however, my philosophy is l have legs, l have paws, the best l can become is a Pawdik walker!!

I am quite impressed that my Mummy wants to walk like a fellow four legged though, it shows compassion to us dogs l think. I know Dad is thinking of also learning to walk like a dog, but time will tell on that one l feel

Now, as l said exercise is really important, but so too is eating the right way, l have a balanced diet, although l have my treats, l still walk a lot more than some other dogs so am able to keep my figure trim! Mummy and Dad also eat a healthy diet. They eats lots of fish, very little white meat [l think they are stopping that this year], and no red meat at all, as it is really bad for two legged ingestions, and they eat a lot of salads and basically vegetables. Mummy says it all about balance! Which sort of leads us into ‘your body is your temple’ philosophies and Yoga or as l like to call it Yogi!

Mummy is quite a keen Yogi, she does it most mornings with her oms and ums [don’t ask]. I have tried omming and Umming, but it doesn’t sound the same at all. Mummy says that it is to establish a ‘mantra’, which is to be said at the start and the end of each yogi time! It’s all very ‘spiritual’! I would like to see Dad om also, it might do him some good, but hey small steps first as they say, l mean he does say erm a lot, so that is sort of halfway there, no?

I at times assist Mummy with yogi times, l especially love ‘down faced dog’, because then l can tickle her face!! Sometimes, my morning workout is to just watch Mummy and her funny positions, it can be quite tiring! And at other times, l cannot help but think of that film Kung Fu Panda with her dolphin and cobra moves, She says she is a beginner only, but l beg to differ, l can’t do the crow or the eagle or even lord of the dance and don’t even think of Dad in this paragraph! Dad has a few moves of his own … Standing, sitting, walking, lying down – hardly crouching tiger, hidden dragon this one, let me tell you! Now my yogi is a little different to hers and you will see in some of the photos what l mean! [Disguised as Rolling]

There are no photos of yogi times, because Mummy gets embarrassed by the clickitty box!

Now to my favourite exercise of all, limbering up for walk time also known as Pilates! Pilates for me is a form of stretching getting ready for a walk, and Dad originally joked that l was doing Pilates, and soon it became the name for that exercise. Ironically and almost spookily, when l get up and do Pilates it is always close to my walking times, and when l do it, Mummy or Dad suddenly say ‘Ahh Pilates, that must mean it’s close to Walkies?’ And then we go on my walk!!? How spooky is that then?



My favourite activity next to walking of course is rolling in the garden, now this is an awesome exercise, you can completely stretch your legs, and your back and it feels sooooooo good. Also, with rolling, l can play with my Dong too!


Anyway, just thought l would explain these little exercises to you, just in case you also wish to study Pawdik Walking, Pilates, Omming or Rolling too! You never know, you might actually learn to love it like we do!

Take care now, chat again soon!

Tootle pip from Doodlepip!

Yay yip yip! Dad has said l can reblog my adventures!


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