Good Morning Folks



Good Morning Everybody!

Another brand new dawn to the day! What’s everyone got planned? Anything exciting?

Rory & Doodlepip

Have a totally fantastic day folks!

Check out the bloggers below and spend some quality time digging deep into their vaults of literary creativity!


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17 thoughts on “Good Morning Folks

    1. Morning Lisa, glad you enjoyed the selection.

      The last couple of days have been seriously tough, pain is really bad at present. I have a surgeons meeting next week [Monday] so hopefully l can hear something with regards repair 🙂

      Have a lovely day 🙂

  1. I’m up before the sun😞It seems that the dreaded stomach bootie bug has re-infected King Ben. He’s got traffic north and south and all over the house. Much coffee will be consumed today.
    I hope your day is progressing well JB!

      1. You keep me smiling! Your blog is providing a great service to me on the scrappy morning. (I know…another bad one)
        I’ll be respectful and gentle to the coffee. Cross my heart😆

  2. Well it will be evening with you now. I’m getting ready to work on a commission painting. This is not going to be easy because it’s raining and the light is abysmal. I may not make much progress today.

      1. The rain is so rare and precious here in the desert, that gray days are actually welcomed….except on weekends when we have the art fairs! Last weekend in Surprise, Arizona, the sky thoughtfully scheduled the raining for overnight Saturday, we just zipped up the tents and were good to go. This week the plan seems to be to have all the raining finished by Friday morning, and we should get a clear Saturday for the show in La Quinta. Oh, and I did get a break yesterday afternoon and completed the difficult 25% of the painting. 🙂

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