Dear Blog … 13.19 – 15/01/19


The Colours and Contours of the Hippy!

The two weekly update!

The good news in Scrappy’s eyes is that her Mummy is now back, therefore allowing her theory of ‘Dad has chopped Mummy up into little pieces and flushed her down the toilet’, to be put to bed! A remarkably bouncy and totally happy puppy was seen last night when Suze arrived back from her adventures into Devon and Dorset and thankfully in one piece! However Suze had to once more go back to work this morning, and as that was part and parcel of the normal routine, the snoring furball farter is now at peace with herself and happy that her pack is again whole!

My hair needs cutting, and my hairdresser, aka Suze is trying to find the time to do that, it’s not a priority to me, there are more pressing matters at hand. However Suze is now convinced that l look like a hippy! Yes folks a hippy! I do not look like a hippy, despite the fact that l have a double crown and whilst admittedly my hair in the mornings after a restless night of sleep does make me resemble a young fledgling dropped from the parents nest – l am no where near achieving hippy status!

My hair is now 3 quarters of an inch longer than it was when l wasn’t looking like a hippy! However in Suze’s world my hair is too long?? She and l have this battle occasionally, when l have overgrown the period in which my hair needs cutting, it’s about as rebellious as l can get with my hair, now that these days it is kept much shorter!

Winter is here, finally. We can always tell when it has arrived to the itchiness we experience. Folks with sensitive skin will understand this only too well, and more so if you live in the lands of greater chalk deposits which we do here in Kent. Irrelevant to how good our water softener attached to the shower is, if the chalk percentages are higher we itch like fuzzy trees! I am terrible with the applications of creams and lotions to my body, however l have had to fess up to the fact and start using them again, and more so as l am not wishing to be seen as someone with fleas!

Suze having returned from Devon over the weekend with her Son and Daughter in law and grandkids, experienced the beauties and joys of marvelously soft water without a filter attachment!  However, now l must contend with the fact that l am having to annoint myself head to foot with ‘body butter’ cream and slippy slide my way into my clothing after each and every shower! As much as l love Kent, l truly despise the higher chalk content in the water!

Suze is already tensing herself for the coming weekend! I am not looking forwards to it myself admittedly either! What’s happening? We are travelling to my Father’s estate hopefully for the last time to ‘box up’ the content, with my Sister Jenny!

I am hoping that it goes smoothly, and without hitch. I can’t guarantee that, but l have told Suze that she must like myself keep her lips buttoned up, and ignore any whining from the spoilt brat. It is annoying, more so due to my Sisters insistence that we have to do this together because we are family! I could have had my Father’s estate completely wrapped up in November, but you may recall my Sister was in ‘grief’, that happens a lot when your favourite go to candy store shuts down apparently!

But no, l have to pretend to be happy family for two days, that’s going to be tough!

Good news is that next Monday l am off to the see the wizard, no not exactly but it might be! I am to have my next appointment with the surgeon, so maybe l can get some positive news!

Well, we can all hope, can’t we?

Dear Blog ……

4 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 13.19 – 15/01/19

  1. I avoid my family. Even on holidays. It’s sad but vital to my mental health.
    I hope the stress isn’t too awful and the surgeon has good news.
    I’m looking at an out-patient surgery in the next couple months to replace my internal pain pump. The battery is going dead, so they need to replace the unit.

    1. I too hope the surgeon has good news, this has become a real crimp on and in my life. As to family, well hopefully, this next weekend coming up will be the last l have to do with my Sister in person.

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