Thoughts Highway


Thoughts Highway

Outside where l live, is a very long grey road,
It’s ideal for thinking, pondering the load,
I walk it often, whilst enjoying time with my dog,
Setting the worlds’ problems straight, whirring the cogs,
Thinking is just the tip of our busy hectic mind,
What really goes on in there, all of the ticking time?
Walking as far as l do, each and every passing day,
Allows me to continually explore, thoughts highway,

It enables me to look deep into the mental abyss,
Sometimes taking me to past horrors and other times to bliss,
But deep l can journey to my inner working space,
At times, my thoughts will never express upon my face!
Philosophising, analysing, processing my entire life,
From now, from before, and ahead along the road of rife,
Easy as it is, to lose track of time beneath each stride,
Consciously showing me how to view as l glide,
Thoughts highway continually observes and it sees,
Visions of who l am, now and after, dark real me.

© Rory Matier 2011



20 thoughts on “Thoughts Highway

    1. Morning Juju although it is probably afternoon for you my friend 🙂

      Yeah, there is a lot to be said for the ability to take the load off whilst walking and thinking along a stretch of undisturbed road, and with a river to boot, ideal 🙂


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