The Alphabetical Questions

So Sadje’s 9 letter word was Trashcans, what’s yours?

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Another quiz from Rory, A Guy Called Bloke

Alphabetical Questions

Can you answer these questions and then can you make a 9 lettered word/s by using the first letter of each answer?

Now l know there are 26 questions, so there are lots of first letters from the answers here, there should be plenty of words you can make with 9 letters.

Here is an example …

Q – What does a dermatologist study?

A – Skin

So the first letter of the word Skin = S

So what am l actually looking for?

Well that’s down to you – you can make a post should you wish displaying both the answers to the questions and your 9 letter word/s [If you can make more than one], or alternatively you can simply pop your answers into the comments section below.

Now to many this might sound easy, however as the…

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