K9 Adventures [11] – Rise ‘ N’ Shine!


Rise ‘ N’ Shine!

My fellow K9’s l address this post to you, just in case you are not altogether familiar with one of your most basic roles as a Household Security Technician aka HST. The two leggeds will read this as well no doubt; sadly they cannot keep their beady eyes away from private internal communications, so we will just have to take that risk.

Picture the scene if you can and if you cannot, then read on and learn!

“Gooooood morning!”

”It’s 1am, go away!”

…. A little while later …


”For goodness sake, it’s 2am, what’s wrong with you?”

…. Again a little while later … [keep continual rhythm]

”Heey there …”

” What, do you need the toilet? You were here, what twenty minutes ago?”

Your parents will get up at this point, and befuddle their way to let you out into the garden. If you wish to go out and take advantage of this moment, do so, if however you do not, and it is only part of your Patrol for HST, then stand at the door and look at them quizzically almost challengingly!

Once they realise you do not wish to do your business, then let them return to their bedding … and wait, l find an hour of their time is ample. They have usually settled back into their warm little cuddle caves and soon the gentle breathing can be heard. They are at peace again.

“Goood Morning!”

”You have got to be kidding me, what is it, what time is it now, oh good grief Doods, it’s only 3.30am, what’s going on with you? Do you need to go out again?”

Don’t answer them, just stand there in the darkness and look at them, they will know you are staring and get up.

[Wash, rinse and repeat this process until you feel comfortable, when they are absolutely awake, retire to your own bed contented that you have completely and unerringly fulfilled your task as HST and sleep for an hour or three!]

Now, some nights irrelevant to how much sleep l have had during the night or during the day, it is imperative for my parents ’to know and understand their ranking status in our household. Yes, it is OUR household, you must remember this. You don’t pay bills, But and it is a big But, you are their indoor security system. You are part of one of the most advanced K9 units known to two legged kind, and they, because sadly on Patrol Nights like this, it does become a you and they scenario, THEY are not to forget it. Because they do and frequently! Your job is to remind them of who you are, what you are capable of.

Ps – always remember when in the process of waking them up or disturbing them – to make as much noise as possible to ensure you have their attentions! Door banging, pretending to be sick, or maybe even go through the motion of doing the toilet in extreme cases!

So stand tall, my fellow K9’s, we are a breed of pride – we have a dirty job to do, but someone has got to!

Other occasions to keep your two leggeds on their toes with Patrol Nights, Days, and Afternoons include;

1] Two legged mating times, mm yes, nothing is sacred in the household, and you are only doing a job.

2] During live sports occasions, or favourite programme times. Yes l hear they have live pause facilities now, so what is their problem?

3] In the car on long journeys – yes, you are still on Patrol Duty even then.

Remember, you are never off duty even if they are! Never feel embarrassed at having to carry out this safety check!

I welcome K9 comments here, so please do if you feel inclined! We must share our experiences if we are ever to achieve total power over ‘them, they and the others!

Bark Power!!

Thanks for reading, catch you later! More Basic tips soon …

Tootle pip from Doodlepip


Yay yip yip! Dad has said l can reblog my adventures!

6 thoughts on “K9 Adventures [11] – Rise ‘ N’ Shine!

  1. Huny here: I do my very best to follow the protocol of the HST. But my two legged doesn’t always respect my efforts and has been known to actually snarl at me. I will show her this excellent report on why I have to ‘go out’ frequently during some nights. She forgets that I can smell a lot more things than she does, and hear better too; and some nights there are invaders out there that need to be banished by a chihuahua with the heart of a lion and the attitude of an Alsatian! And some nights, well, I must admit that I over indulge in the kibble rather late at night and I do have to actually go. Chihuahua bladders and such are tiny, a design flaw in our otherwise magnificent beings.

    1. Bol, bol, excellent Huny, just the humour l need right now, my 2 leggeds are acting very strange indeed, they think l am not very well at all. BUT, l am fine!

      Good to hear from you Huny 🙂

      Say hi to your Mom 🙂

  2. Amazing how their minds work. Always thinking of their two legged family and sacrificing their own sleep for them. 🤪🐶🐕

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