K9 Adventures [10] Fur Childs’ Toy Story!


Fur Childs’ Toy Story!

Honestly, there is no pleasing some two leggeds, l mean l award them all this joy, this pleasure, this privilege to actually having me in their life and what do l hear almost every day? “Why don’t you pick up your toys after using them?” I know, rather lacking in the dignity department isn’t it? Luckily, l don’t bow down to that kind of verbal abuse!

It is times like this when l must make a mental note to myself with the stipulation of extra training to Mummy and equally as much Dad, that l think they sometimes forget just how very lucky they are that l am ‘their’ fur child, and if sadly that means at times that there ‘may be a few extra curriculum learning or gaming aids around the house in strategic positions for my future and potential enjoyment’ [which for the unlearned amongst my readership is this “Why don’t you pick up your toys after using them?”] then l jolly well will have to remind them AGAIN! It’s a battle of the wits you see, they sometimes fail to remember that l am the boss of certain things, and one of these certain issues is my ‘toys’ destiny!

Nothing worse than having bad karma attached to a plaything!

I mean how is it ‘my fault’ if either of them step on something?? They must learn to look where they are going! Again, l am 15” off the floor, how and more importantly why am l having to continually take into consideration that they are not? They both have eyes, they are not blind … well admittedly Dad does wear some pretty seriously hyper focused lens on his glasses, which reminds me he should be wearing his new ones, however l digressed, and fact is Dad’s eyesight is similar to that of a dead seagull!]

Not so much blind, but more along the lines of ‘glazed!’

I have to put up with so much, seriously l dare not think for one minute many of you two leggeds would understand, let alone comprehend the enormity of this, but l know that my 4 legged readership will have nothing but the utmost sympathy as well as empathy with regards my plight!

So, although probably shocked at my next admission, sadly they will probably be able to relate all too well … further indignations continued today!


Dad took my toy box out to actually clickitty it! Like halloo am l NOT in the same house, where was the request in writing two weeks before action was required to physically lift my toy box out of its nice little corner and to be relocated into and onto the garden’s grass? Then, worse to come and be still my beating heart, l overheard Mummy saying she wants to wash and clean the boxes contents!!?

What about invasion of my private things, and how about doggy rights??

Do my two legged parents have no shame, l mean honestly how low can one stoop, just for the sake of a little bit of cleanness? Personally l blame Mummy’s OCD or is it ODC, DCO for all l know it might just be ODD!


However l understand my position, l am only the dog of the house, obviously NOT the most important legged residing here … that’s fine, l will just smile and bide my time, l will get them back, just you all wait and see!

For now thanks for reading everyone!

Tootle pip from Doodlepip

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5 thoughts on “K9 Adventures [10] Fur Childs’ Toy Story!

  1. Zeus shares your indignation! He quite agrees with you. His favorite balls are always being stolen by Ben. Even his special cow bones get stolen. Worse yet, his squeaky bone toy from his Christmas stocking has disappeared completely. It’s disgracefully unfair!

    1. Absolutely! To boot has just said that if anyone stole his favourite balls he would be most upset, somehow with the way he is laughing l am not sure if he is thinking of his toys though!

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