Dear Blog … 23.35 – 12/01/19


“Where’s MUMMY??”

Suze is currently away for a few days visiting her Son down in Devon. She left at the ungodly hour of 4.45am this morning for the 7 hour drive down, making excellent time and arriving at 10.30am.

When she left l was in bed asleep as was Scrappy as well, comfortably snoring in her bed at the foot of my bed, completely oblivious to ‘Mummy’ roaming around the house from 3.45 till the time she departed an hour later. Suze was in the kicthen, had a shower, and neither of us were aware of her movements until she crept in, gave me a kiss and said she was on her way.

I got up for an hour after her departure, but went back to bed at just before 6, and was up again at 8.30am. Scrappy meanwhile was still in the world of nodding zonk, oblivious to anything until she rose from her pit around 9ish. Then as is her way she gives you the stare that basically says “I am awake, entertain me, l want my walk!”

After her walk, whilst Scrappy was a little disconcerted that she hadn’t seen ‘Mummy’ disappear, then she l guess in her canine brain, assumed that she was at work and would be home later! Scrappy once she had her morning treats then re-entered the world of nodding zonk!

Got up during the afternoon a couple of times for a drink of water, a stretch of legs and a bio break, then it’s back to the snoring! She was awake for her afternoon walk at 4pm. Once back however, her brain was telling her that her Mummy wouldn’t be too long and would return from this ‘work’ thing of hers.

So l feel sure you can imagine her surprise when 6pm arrived at Mummy hadn’t reappeared. Come 7pm, and l then had the notorious Kevin back in the house. The pacing begins, the huffing, the puffing and the eyeballing!

“Where’s my MUMMY???! What have you done with her? She should be back in by now, this is all your fault!!”  Yes Scrappy like most dogs have those kind of piercing eyes and stares that can deliver exactly that message.

I have told her that Mummy will not be back until Monday, and currently she is back to snoring in the land of nodding zonk, but l do swear that before she finally nodded off after three hours of pacing the hallway and staring at the front door, that she actually ‘Tutted’ me in the way that some humans can do when they consider someone an absolute waste of their time!

Dear god, who needs kids, when we have fur children to contend with??!

Dear Blog ……

7 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 23.35 – 12/01/19

    1. Yep, she does it well, l think she has been watching her ‘Mummy’ when Suze does it to me!

      Yes, you see Sadje, you’re not the only one has sleep problems. Nearly 3.30am and l should be asleep!

        1. I had to force myself to bed in the end, practically dead on my feet. I will be glad l think when l have this shoulder thing fixed, maybe l can get back to a routine.

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