Alphabetical Questions



Alphabetical Questions

Can you answer these questions and then can you make a 9 lettered word/s by using the first letter of each answer?

Now l know there are 26 questions, so there are lots of first letters from the answers here, there should be plenty of words you can make with 9 letters.

Here is an example …

Q – What does a dermatologist study?

A – Skin

So the first letter of the word Skin = S 

So what am l actually looking for?

Well that’s down to you – you can make a post should you wish displaying both the answers to the questions and your 9 letter word/s [If you can make more than one], or alternatively you can simply pop your answers into the comments section below.

Now to many this might sound easy, however as the games progress over the next few weeks, you might not receive 26 questions, but less and then the fun will begin.

Letter Quiz Question
A Which French author wrote Around the World in Eighty Days and Journey to the Centre of the Earth?
B Which Italian city lies at the foot go Mount Vesuvius opposite ancient Pompeii?
C What is the largest planet in our solar system?
D In which country was Adolf Hitler born?
E Which singer played the Goblin King in the 1986 film Labyrinth?
F Jugendstil was the German form of which art movement?
G What is the world’s longest railway?
H In which American state is Fort Knox?
I If you birthstone is turquoise, which is your birth month?
J What will never make a silk purse?
K How many subspecies of tigers have become extinct since World War II?
L In the 1993 film, Mrs Doubtfire, who plays the title role?
M Which country produced Gruyere cheese?
N Which film featured the Von Trapp Family?
O What is the county town of Dorset?
P What is a Shih-tzu?
Q In tennis, what does the initial L in LTA stand for?
R Which two bodies of water are connected by the Straits of Florida?
S What type of song is a doxology?
T Who was the legendary son of British king Luther Pendragon?
U Which two letters are worth ten points in the board game Scrabble?
V Who was the captain of the Pequod in Moby Dick?
W Name the mythological character sentenced to fall in love with his own reflection as a punishment for his pride?
X What name is given to a baby whale?
Y For which film and television role is Leonard Nimoy best known?
Z On which island did the mutinous crew from the Bounty make their home?


10 thoughts on “Alphabetical Questions

    1. Hey Astrid

      1] You answer the questions
      2] Each letter of the first answer is the letter you are looking for, so with our example the answer to the question was Skin, as that is what a dermatologist studies. The first letter of the word Skin is S.

      So once you have answered all the questions you will have a number of first Letters and with those letters the next part of the game is to make a 9 lettered word.


  1. I picked up a few Ds and Js….
    when I wake up tomorrow I think I need a pen and paper and write down my letters and figure out if I can make a nine letter word.

  2. I love your games John Boy! I don’t think I’m ready to commit yet through. Gotta keep my stress level as low as possible as I was back into WP life.
    I put tons of pressure on myself over the silliest things.

    1. No. All questions have an answer and you are using the first letter of the first word. So to give you an example with one of the questions …
      Which singer played the Goblin King in the 1986 film Labyrinth?

      We both know the answer here is David Bowie – so the letter you are looking for is D. It is always the first letter of the answer if of course you believed that answer to be something different, well now you know it was David Bowie and the letter you are after is D 🙂

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