Winter’s Breath


Winters’ Breath

Starting as it does, misted windows, still air,
Letting me know slowly quickening winter is there,
Feeling damp within warmed sheets, so clammy,
White outside, gloomy again, no blue sky!
Sluggishly shifting my aching body from rest,
Already tensing, ready for the daily stress!
Chilled embrace touching me to the very core,
As soon as my feet touch the thawing floor,

Naked days of strolling through to coffee,
Long gone now, as robe covers shoulders to knee,
Windows complaining at being oblique,
Condensation preventing me from a morning peak,
Unknowing of what now lays in glaring store,
Gifted to me from Mother from the night before,
Stark and brisk relief as burning liquid,
Awakens me, undoing what the sleep did!

Coldness seeping into my weary soul,
Shivering for a few seconds without control,
Like death has just danced upon my grave,
Reminding me that l am now a winter slave!
Showering, is only a deep felt bliss,
When the water has achieved its heated kiss,
Savouring the blasting scorching onto frozen skin,
Devouring it like lovers’ making love in sin!

Drying quickly before l start to freeze,
Swift sharp moves creating their own breeze,
Dressing is now an acquired art in itself,
Failure to achieve and you are an ice shelf!
Not easy attiring in three layers so damn fast!
In doing so however, my day will not be harassed,
By tiny pockets of gathered damp winds,
Whose wicked intentions are constantly biting in!

Finally boots on, and door opened, l am aghast!
Cutting winds tear into my face full blast!
Whisperings of ice and snow flake across bare skin,
Visibility through this torrent already slim,
Day is already threatening the wrenching hardships,
Trudging through last nights’ fall, heartbeats skip,
My chest tightens as it contracts with the chill,
‘Oh Joy’ is all can think, today is all uphill!

Working with stables and horses in the frozen fens,
In blistering cold winds, snow and ice again,
Not something missed during the summer climes,
But those months have passed for now its winter time!
For now we have rain, snow, ice and sludge,
All the niceties of the weather that create ones’ grudge!
Six months before l see the end of this cold death,
Miserable weather indeed is winters’ kiss, winters’ breath!

© Rory Matier 2010


32 thoughts on “Winter’s Breath

    1. -26 Wow that’s cold. The highest minus l have been in was -16 but that was in a caravan with 2″ of protection again the elements. I think it’s easier to appreciate the cold when you not frozen ha ha!

      I loved looking at the snow, but hated being frozen solid for four months.

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      1. Are we? Or does life favour and falavour us and we simply work with the gifts we develop from that?

        At school, in the very early days. l was never what they classed as a born writer, they referred to me as ‘lights on, no one home’…lol

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      2. Yes very much so. Ironically, you may know, l am reading my Father’s diaries. I am currently in 1973 and interesting year, but l turned 10 that year. I have just read the first time that my parents started to consider me ‘wierd’ – that my Teachers all said l was below average to the rest of my class. I think this was the start to Asperger’s showing itself to the rest of the world. For many years, l was told by my the teaching community and my parents alike that l would amount to nothing and yet here l am a blogger, okay can be, but the so called weakest skill was my writing in the eyes of the teachers and l write and pen and poetise and according to everyone at school, l was nothing. So yes you are right, look at Einstein.

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      3. Unfortunately, even today, the schools are not equipped to deal with children with special needs. They are just factories to produce standardized versions of average students. There is very little emphasis on exploring the special talents of individual students and encouraging them.

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      4. Wow sadje, there is an answer and a half. I am sensing that education is a strong passion of yours?

        But you are quite right, the same here in the UK. hard pressing kids into a one size fits all programme, dismantling creativity for academia, and thinking that is the way forwards. all we are doing is hard core densensitizing the learning process. It’s a very sorry shape of learning today.

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