Random Quotes 204#




“Am l picking on sheep today? Nope, l am having a go at society because it acts like a flock of sheep, big, huge difference.

So the question you must ask yourself is this:

Are you are a sheep waiting to be led, unable to think for yourself, or are you a wolf that can lead and does not need to follow?”

Rory Matier


We need more people speaking out. This country is not overrun with rebels and free thinkers. It’s overrun with sheep and conformists

Bill Maher

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      1. One day my best friend said to a bunch of colleagues “Mel is the perfect Number Two”.
        Everyone started laughing. She did not understand – English was not her first language.
        But I know what she meant. I am not a leader nor would ever want to be. I like to support someone I believe in and get behind them. I thrive on being able to trust and follow someone I love.

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