Oh No Way, Oh So Way – My Way!


Oh No Way, Oh So Way – My Way!

Oh No Way, Oh So Way – Injured myself whilst trying to impress someone.


Monkey bars are like these minus the swings.

Oh So Way.

Yes, l was 13 and l was in the playpark in Seaford in Australia, just at the top of the avenue l lived in, and l was playing on the Monkey Bars. When Penny a girl l really fancied came into the park and was watching me, so instead of taking one bar at a time, l overswung and went for the fifth bar, missed and cracked my head open on the concrete below. Penny was not impressed as she rushed over and blood stained her summer dress!

Pretended to be a raccoon and eaten from the trash can.

Oh So Way

Many years ago, l was eating a pizza and someone grabbed it from me and threw it in the trash can, l retrieved it and started chomping again – no one deprives me of my pizza!

Taken part in a fashion show.

Oh So Way

Back in the 90’s l choreographed dance sequences for my business Edo Fashion Promotions which was basically dancing in ‘fashion’ and so to verify that the sequence could be done for one particular show, l modelled the pieces we were displaying to the audience. i only ever did a couple of shows to boost the confidence to the staff and after that l never did it again.

Made money by performing on the street.

Oh So Way

Of a sort. When l worked as a Branch Manager for Principles for Men in Kingston Upon Thames in England. I stood in a window facing the busy high street dressed as a female mannequin for Comic Relief day to raise money for charity and moved when appropriately to cause a stir from the passing shoppers. The money tin was on the pavement outside the window,

Accidentally broken something in someone’s house, but not told them.

Oh So Way

I got caught out, but whilst at a friend of my Father’s [mm, it was his boss], l was in the toilet and somehow managed to break their shower curtain, instead of saying anything l put a temporary fix in, and then never used their bathroom again. My Dad’s boss rang later that night after we had got home and rollocked him, who in turn then rollocked me and forced me to pay for the damage which was for two rings that supported the shower.

Walked for more than six hours.

Oh So Way

In 2009 l had to walk back to Dunsby in Bourne, Lincolnshire from the Mental Hospital in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, which was 33 miles and it took me 6 hours.

Stolen from a shop.

Oh So Way

When l was 14 l stole some fishing tackle from a shop in North Wales. I was caught by my Mother when l got home, l had this fascination with pretty bright colours for a while and l stole four fishing lures. I was frog marched back to the shop, paid, severely disciplined [as in literally couldn’t sit for a day] and grounded for a month and didn’t receive any pocket money for a month. Never stolen since.

Ridden a horse.

Oh So Way

Yep, my ex-wife was a horse rider and l learned in 2003/4 time and then worked with horses from 2009 – 2012.

Jumped out of a perfectly stable aircraft.

Oh NO Way

Nope, never going to happen – they make aircraft to stay in the air, so as a passenger that’s where you’ll find me as well!

Cut my own hair.

Oh So Way

There has been many a time when l couldn’t afford to have my haircut so l cut it myself, sometimes l even got it right, most times however l ended up snipping a piece of my ear off!

Performed my own dentistry.

Oh So Way

If l couldn’t afford a lousy haircut do you think l could afford a dentist? Of course not, l have probably killed off most of my nerves through my own extreme dentistry!

Fallen in love at first glance.

Oh So Way

Yes, when l was 21.

Had a paranormal experience.

Oh So Way

Many, many, many times, so yes


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