K9 Adventures [9] – You Can Lead A Dog To Water, But You Can’t Make Me Swim!


You Can Lead A Dog To Water, But You Can’t Make Me Swim!

Now, l do know that some of you here know of me already because of my Dad’s Facebook page and you have seen the many pictures of me over the years since the sad passing of Dora dog a few years ago. So, this story will not come as a shock to you at all, but to some of you who don’t know me, perhaps you may find this interesting.

These days l am a lover of water – not all water of course, but l am no longer adverse to all water types as l once used to be. I can tolerate getting my coat wet when the rain falls from the skies, l can tolerate getting dried, because l used to really hate that as a youngster and an inexperienced novice elder. It is the flip of the coin, you get wet, you get dried, and when you are dry you can get wet. Makes sense doesn’t it?

Admittedly l am never too keen on bath times, as l find them a little invasive on my personal hygiene, and Mummy and l do have serious conversations concerning that, and sadly l always lose, but it is one of those things Dad says, so l must accept it!

Mummy and Dad were not always a mating pair, is that the right words? Not sure, but they were not always together, in fact as a Mummy and Dad it has not been that long. Long enough, but not as long as l am old, so not that long at all. With the arrival of Mummy in Dad’s life there were quite a few changes, all for the good l hasten to add of course, and water was one of them.

When Dad, Dora dog and l used to live together, we used to live in Lincolnshire in the Fens, l was known back then as a right lil fenny according to Dad, but as far as l was concerned l was just Scrappy. I became a ’proper Doodlepip with the arrival of Mummy – confused yet? You get used to it, trust me on this! The secret is to just smile and they are happy!!

It’s the little things with these two leggeds you know?

The living together under one roof happened after Dora dog had passed, before that Mummy used to drive up from the south to visit Dad, and according to Mummy it was a very long drive, so she couldn’t do it all the time, and so l only saw her once every while. When she visited we used to go for long walks as a family, and we had some lovely times. But we used to walk in the Fens or occasionally as a treat we used to go to Bourne woods which was really, really great, as there was just so much to look at, smell, sniff – much more so than just being on the Fens!

The Lincolnshire Fens were and l should imagine still are hugely large flat treeless spaces – endless fields, shrubs, bushes, hedges, more fields and even more fields and oh yes l mustn’t forget the field dykes, which are like really deep canals which have water at the bottom of them. They help drain the fields for the farmers and some of them lead into rivers.

So my experiences with water really came to the dykes which l just looked at, and getting wet in the rain and the occasional bath time! But things changed when Dad and Mummy decided to live under the one roof. You see we all moved to a little island called Wight the Isle of Wight to be precise! It was here, that l discovered a true love – beaches!!!

Dad used to tell Mummy that his right ‘lil Fenny hated water, and hated getting wet, who used to skirt around puddles and was terrible when it came to wet paws, wet coat and hated the torment of being dried! Soooo, you can imagine just how startled he was when l began chasing waves at the beach eh?

When Dad saw me wave chasing, he put it down to a one off moment of madness from me, but when he saw me start to enjoy the whole water experience, he was just a state of continued shocks! I became bolder and braver, and madder and sillier with water, l used to chase it, splash in it, run into it, crave it, desire it, l had to have water in my life, not just any water – but sea water, it got to the point when l used to whine if we passed water. I used to joke with myself l was on theseawater diet! I had to have it if l ever saw it! I was obsessed with seawater, rock pools, anything and everything to do with the beaches. I used to adore the sand between my paws; it made me feel strangely funny …. Hot flush coming folks, hang on whilst l steady myself again!

The one thing however l could never master was swimming’, nope, maybe it’s because l am ONLY 15” off the seabed, but no amount of encouragement from Mummy could ever entice me to swim!

Na uh – not happening Mother!”* I would yap at her!

On the odd occasion, sometimes l would become submerged because of a huge tidal wave, and it completely and utterly freaked me out! What do you mean they weren’t tidal waves?? Of course they were, do l have to keep reminding you two leggeds l am only 15” off the floor – ok, 18” if on tippy paws! But that position is really, truly hard to hold when you are in the water!!

Thankfully, tidal waves and giant tsunamis were not that big a thing in the Wigit as Mummy and l used to call the Isle, but on the few occasions when they managed to find me, well it was hard work!

I love seawater, l love dancing in the waves like Mummy’s white horses do, although l am not quite sure what those are, but according to Dad, they are like Mr Ed, and l don’t ever remember seeing white Mr Eds in the water with me, l mean that is not something you could miss is it?

Dad now says that he can lead me to water, but cannot make me swim, and he’s right. Dancing, splashing everything – just not swimming, no way!

Anyway, l still find it kind of spooky that l went from a no wet dog, to a totally wet pooch almost overnight!


Wet Dog!!

Thanks for reading everyone, catch you again tomorrow. Dad says l should write about a scent issue l am having, we will see!!

Enjoy Dad’s clickitty pictures!


Mummy and me on the beach!

Tootle pip from Doodlepip

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  1. Zeus loves the water. He hasn’t been to the special beach for K9s yet because he’s still fighting his harness and leash. Plus, poor pupper, I’ve been too I’ll to work with him much. But it’s a new year and I’m feeling better and I’m making a goal of taking him to play in the Pacific Ocean.

  2. Huny has no use for water, except to drink. Baths, going swimming (I doubt she’s ever tried that), or even getting wet in the rain leaves her looking miserable and forlorn. She IS looking forward to reading about the scent issue though. Because smells are her LIFE! 😉

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