Oh No Way, Oh So Way


Oh No Way, Oh So Way!

You may recall earlier this week with the post “I Saw This On Ellen” we played a game of Never Have I Ever? Well we had some response from that, so l thought we would roll with this as a new game once a week on a Thursday.

I have just changed the responses slightly to reflect it my blog to ‘Oh No Way’ for I Have Never and ‘Oh So Way’ for I Have.

Your answers to the questions below can only swing two ways ‘yes or no’ or Oh So Way or Oh No Way’.

You need only answer in the comments section below or It’s up to you if you go further or treat this as a prompt for a post .. .


Questions – panic NOT folks, nice ones …

Oh No Way, Oh So Way – Injured myself whilst trying to impress someone.

Pretended to be a raccoon and eaten from the trash can.

Taken part in a fashion show.

Made money by performing on the street.

Accidentally broken something in someone’s house, but not told them.

Walked for more than six hours.

Stolen from a shop.

Ridden a horse.

Jumped out of a perfectly stable aircraft.

Cut my own hair.

Performed my own dentistry.

Fallen in love at first glance.

Had a paranormal experience.


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