K9 Adventures [8] – When September Morns Blink


When September Morns Blink

This morning, something a little different and not often looked at from the four legged perspective and that is the actual beauty of the dog walk in and through seasonal eyes. All of us have a season that we truly find calming, that charges up our inner core and makes us feel alive more so than other times.

I love all the seasons, but have found the serenity of September and the onset of autumn with the departure of summer to be listed amongst my favourite. Dad loves autumn also; Mummy’s favourites are spring and summer, and then autumn, but this is because she has a ‘sad’ thing apparently so she always craves the sun. Mummy and l are both worshippers of the orb in the sky, but when its gone l am not as sad as she is.

The saddest part of late summer for me is when September morns blink, and then they are gone and October arrives bringing a very different approach to the dog walking days. It becomes a time of heavier clothing for Mummy and Dad, bigger boots, more rains, shorter days, mud [l hate mud], colder weather which is bad even for my joints, darkness when it was once lighter and a sombre tiredness. We all long for the spruce seasons to arrive and whilst we all say we mustn’t wish time away from my point of view l long and ache to see the sun arise early in the morning.

When the days are longer, and lighter and in many ways healthier for us all, l feel so very much alive and no so old, sheesh, now l am bringing my age into it – these two leggeds have so much to answer for with regards the hang up regarding getting older!

This morning’s walk was just so lovely, it was calm and gentle and we all took our time just to enjoy this day. I could hear the winds rustling through the trees above me, but also feel the breezes coursing over my body and making my coat tickle me, there was a slight mischief to it all which reminded me just how very lucky l am to have what l have with who l have it with.

Dad l think will be buried with his clickitty box, for that was always in the back ground behind Mummy and l, but that is just the way it is, we all savour what we have whilst we have it, because as we all know so well, life can change in an instant. Dog walking is like that also, l cannot speak for all the dogs in this world, but l can say for myself because l have a different walk almost every day, but even for those times when l don’t, each walk is very different.

There are always different scents and smells in the wind and on the ground, l can tell who the other dogs are that have walked the ground where l also now tread my four paws. I can tell how their days are and if they too are as happy as l am for the smallest things in life, or if they are unhappy and circumstances have changed for them.

I love life from my level, because l see more of the intrinsic beauty that Mummy and Dad don’t see way up where they are, and this is not saying they don’t see it through their eyes, but they are not 15” off the ground like l am, so my views are different.

I love feeling the leaves underfoot, and hearing the tiny crackle sounds they make, and seeing how they have changed colour from the summer months, when there are so few of the leaves with me, but they are in the bushes and the trees around me. Now they are varying shade of greys to golden, to burnished bronzes, wispy yellows to silvers. Dad tells me that l see colours different to two leggeds. Dad is probably right, when he is not living in a box, he can be pretty smart – and sadly other times as dumb as a box of tadpoles, but maybe more on that another time … but if he says that l see the colours differently, l believe him. The fact l can see anything is a sign that l have good health.

This morning Mummy was eating blackberries and making funny faces, not sure why she eats them if they make her have funny faces, but l never said l totally understand two leggeds, my role on this planet has been to train them as l need them to be, so l tend not to question everything they do, say or even show at times … like the funny faces!


But l could do a thing l like and that is mooching around sniffing and smelling and watching things, like the two cabbage butterflies that danced almost on top of my nose today – they were funny. Dad was talking to the swishy four legged today that is so much bigger than me, but l think his name is Ed, and l am pretty sure l haven’t heard Ed talk, but Dad is always on about Mr Ed. Anyway Ed stood still for the clickitty click, so Dad was happy. I don’t think Ed is a dog, but he sure looks like a funny one if he is! Dora used to be big and she was a dog, but she didn’t have a big swishy tail like Ed does!


Mr Ed, or just Ed who knows??

I took them both for a longer walk [yes, you read this right – l took them for a longer walk, l always take them for the walks, not the other away round] than they thought they were going for, but l think deep down they needed it, they too needed to enjoy the sun, and the wind and the beauty of the day, just to remind them, just how lucky they are that we all have each other.

Anyway, l just wanted to share my morning walk thoughts with you today, l hope you all have a lovely day. No doubt Mr Clickitty will show you where we went..

Tootle Pip from Doodlepip


Ps … In case you are wondering if l am sticking my tongue out at Dad? What do you think after he clicked nearly 700 times !!? When was the last time someone snapped shots of your bottom with a box for an hour!! Honestly – Dads, can’t live with them …

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        1. Hi Kat, most likely, there were only 30 K9 Adventures. The 4 Paws Diary episodes launched after the adventures finished and that was due to the IVDD of last year as it put a stopper on where she could go and so the diary entries were much shorter stories and slightly more topical 🙂

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