Dear Blog … 17.03 – 10/01/19


The ‘Stuff’ That Blogs Are Made Of!

You may recall last year, when l said that Suze was thinking of starting a blog? Well she and l have had that conversation again quite recently. She is l think getting closer to really thinking about having one of her own.

I think…

She looks at me in my mode when writing with a mixture of absolute confusion and bafflement “So why are you doing that?”
“Because it’s part of a series.”
“Called Dear Blog?”
“Yes, that’s the series name.”
“But why call it Dear Blog? I mean why are you writing to your blog when you write in your blog daily anyway?”
“Because it’s a series, and l named it Dear Blog.”
“Why? What’s it about?”
“It’s about as topical as you will get with me, it’s about daily life. I mostly write about my past life in so far as stories elsewhere in the blog.”
“So this series is topical? I thought you wrote topically anyway?”
“Nope, l don’t tend to write topical stuff, not really my style.”
“And yet the Dear Blog is topical?”
“Okay, sure that’s correct, but this is just one series and the rest of the series are not so topical.”
“But Scrappy’s episodes are?”
“Yeah, well you are going to have to talk to her about them.”
“Why, you type them for her?”
“No, Scrappy and l do it together.”
“Oh right ok. So why do you do the music then, is that a series, you are always inserting music to the blog, why do you do that?”
“Another series.”
“Right so who reads that?”
“My readership.”
“Okay, so would l have to do that, say if l didn’t want to do that?”
“You would do for your blog what feels right for you.”
“But who would read it?”
“Your readership.”

I could see Suze’s brain whirring at this …

“So how do l get a readership – why would they read what l have to write?”
“What do you want to write about?”
“Well not what you do, more about me, my life and stuff like menopause, and environmental, and work, and organic stuff, and well, stuff, you know stuff stuff?”
“Oh yes, l know what you mean with regards ‘stuff stuff’, well l also do stuff and stuff stuff and l know a lot of bloggers that do stuff, stuffy, stuffing and stuffed as well as stuffist!”
“Really? So my stuff would be read by others who just like to write and read about about stuff?”
“Yes, yes they would!”

“Okay then, well l think l might start a blog about stuff!”

Dear Blog ……

14 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 17.03 – 10/01/19

  1. Haha! Cracking post!

    She’s totally not going to do it, she’s already talking herself out of it and freaking herself out. You have to just leap into to it without looking or thinking about it… if you think about it, it’s done for.

    Does she browse or read blogs other than yours?

    1. Hey Ursula,

      Suze doesn’t read my blog, not in any kind of depth. Her reading is done when she peers over my shoulder with some kind of odd expression on her face like l have lost the plot.

      As to whether she reads blogs, l have no earthly idea , l don’t think so.


  2. Organic stuff will be very popular. So will environmental stuff.
    I think menopausal stuff could be explosive – there are a lot of us who will want to read about that.
    I am sure people will want to read about Suze’s stuff. We might learn a lot more about you though Rory!

  3. Just saying…..Let Suze know I would so follow her blog. Menopause? Women Issues? And given that you are her partner I am fairly certain that she is a sweet, droll woman with an unique outlook that I would love to read. 🙂

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