Liebster Award

Of all the bars in the w… ooops sorry, what l mean is of ‘all the blog parts l could reblog, it had to be this one, you know how to thistle don’t you?

Has to be naked angel in the snow. Several years ago I was climbing with a few college friends in a very snowy Torridon. On the way down (and heading to the pub) we decided to make snow angels in a virgin bit of snow. Being a bit of a prat I decided to take it one stage further and go for the full NAKED naked snow angel. Unfortunately because of the laughter we didn’t hear the climbing group coming in the other direction. I had to just lie down and think of England as a group of about 15 climbers walked slowly past. Given how cold it was – I suspect they didn’t see much.

4 thoughts on “Liebster Award

    1. It’s a pleasure and never a problem, l bet you feel better that it has been aired, mind you of course l can’t air ‘it’ as much as you did lmao! 🙂

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