K9 Adventures [7] – Nancy Was Right!!


Nancy Was Right!

“Are you ready, boots? Start walkin’”

It is safe to say that as a four legged creature of habit, l walk a lot, each one of my four legs has walked literally hundreds of thousands of steps that equate to thousands of miles, if l wore a Fitbit l would be one of their ace promoters.

Dad used to say to people and for that matter still does when describing my love for walking to them, that Nancy Sinatra had a song especially for me, called “These Paws Are Made For Walking”, ok, so l have tweaked it a little to sit with me, but it is my artistic prerogative and licence that allows me to do these things …

In case you are not familiar with it, follow this link and press play!! Then turn the volume up loud, because this is what Dad does when Mummy is not here, and we dance! It’s a very catchy tune if l do say so myself.

Nancy Sinatra – These Boots [Paws] Are Made for Walkin’


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Fact is l love walking, and l could say paw upon heart that it is one of my hobbies, although activities is probably a better description. Dad and Mummy had a nasty scare on the very last day of last year and during the first few days of this year. On New Year’s Eve, Mummy was in Australia visiting her real daughter, and Daddy and l were here at home celebrating … well when l was asleep and Dad was playing with his box. I had a really nasty turn, a fit and it frightened dad and me to death!! Dad says l suddenly started twitching and was in a full body thrashing and slashing spasm!

I recovered from this, but a few days later on the 4th January l was running around the garden and took a small slip and suddenly l couldn’t walk properly! Dad took me to the vets and after tests, and investigations my lovely vet told Dad, that l had something called “IVDD” which terrified Dad, as it might’ve meant that l would never walk again!!

[IVDD – Intervertebral Disk Disease]

Well when Dad explained this IverD to me, you can imagine l was mortified!! “Never walk again l slowly said to myself! Rubbish, no one, will ever take my right to walk away from me – NO ONE!! No one takes my freedom! “Yes, l was really, really angry!! When Mummy came back from visiting her two legged daughter, she thought that her four legged daughter may lose her ability to walk, and like Dad she too was very worried!

I went through some treatments with an infrared laser on my back – it looked like a space gun and Dad and my vet had to wear space goggles when l was being treated – l did have to say to myself, should l NOT also be wearing these plastic eyes if it is so dangerous for you two to be exposed … err hello??

BUT, after only a couple of visits, my vet was telling Dad that he was in awe of just how good l was at recovering considering my age [why does everyone always mention my age?] Whatever, but everyone was surprised and by my 4th special goggle visit, the vet said ‘she doesn’t need to continue to have these, l wish l was as healthy as she was at her age!” [See, age again?]

Within the three months off the New Years’ Eve spasm fit and the slip in the garden, l was back to me again. As l said *NO ONE* was ever going to take my walking paws away from me. Ok, at my own concession l get tireder walking now, than before IverD, and occasionally my back right leg scuffles and scrapes a bit on the ground, but in consideration to what it was like when l was healing at the start of the year, everyone is very impressed with my recovery!

So here l am in September 2017 still walking, still able to run around the garden like a lunatic when l want, panicking my Dad if l over reach too far or jump and apart from being lifted into the car now to ensure that l most assuredly don’t hurt myself – l still have paws that were made for walking!

Thanks for reading everyone, catch you again soon!

Tootle pip from Doodlepip!

These paws are made for walking
And that’s just what they’ll do
One of these days these paws are gonna walk all over you

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  1. Glad to see your paws ‘out and about” Scrappy!! It’s very cold over here. which makes my own adventures of the garden kind pretty short. High paw five from Utah (across the pond) and Hunydog! You keep on walkin’!! Huny

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