Never Have I…or so I say

via Never Have I…or so I say


Never have I ever have a l farted in public. 

ANYONE who denies doing this is being untruthful.  Because we’ve ALL passed some subtle gas in public.  Nobody has that much iron control.  And it’s painful to hold ’em in, plus that’s how shitty ideas come around apparently.   Someone held in a fart, it climbed up their spinal column into their brain and voila!  A shitty idea is born.

3 thoughts on “Never Have I…or so I say

  1. *ding ding* OH DEAR GOD. Um, thanks for the early morning ear worm. Now I’m going to have that in my head all day! :’) BWAHAHAHAHAHAH… one more thing.. why didn’t they draw the frog with some pants on? I got THAT in my eye memory too. Thanks for the nod Rory!! You keep those questions coming along.

    1. Hey Melanie, isn’t it just – the way of that song? I had that as a ring tone once. I went with my then wife to a horse show, she was competing and she told me to turn the phone off, and l forgot and a client’s call came in and the whole arena just went quiet to the sound of nanananananananana!!!

      Bloody thing, could l turn it off??

      NO, lol! 🙂

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