K9 Adventures [6] – Dogs, Logs & Two Smoking …

My two legged typist and l …

Dogs, Logs & Two Smoking Wheelbarrows!!

Ok, so a bit of fun if that is ok?

You see, Dad can write till the cows come home and it’s not that l am not grateful for his assistance with helping me ‘pen my thoughts down for you all’, but occasionally his ‘asbeeness’ [Mummy’s word for his kwerkyness] makes him verbose apparently, which means he is too wordy – “DAD!! Stop writing, we get it!!”

Today l would like this episode to be a little more fun and relaxed so l thought we might talk about films and books – oh yes l too like books as well, films are easier to follow admittedly for the obvious reasons. “What obvious reasons? You’re kidding right? Hello, l have paws not fingers …”

So l would like to know what are your bestest films, TV series or books on dogs, or cats if you wish, it’s up to you? Dad is a real film and book buff, so some of his traits have rubbed off on me, what can l say …. And stop that – yes l can see the TV screen and hear the noises – l am remarkably intelligent you know and so ARE your own pooches!!

Here’s my selection …

Books … These are my all-time favourites

1] Bimbo & Topsy – Enid Blyton
2] Smokey Joe the Fish Eater – John O’Grady
3] The Incredible Journey – Sheila Burnford
4] Buster’s Secret Diaries – Buster/Roy Hattersley
5] Doctor Doolittle – Hugh Lofting
6] Fluke – James Herbert

Films … can watch these over and over and over

1] Fluke – 1995
2] American Werewolf in London [Still a dog!!] – 1981
3] Beethoven – 1992
4] Turner & Hooch – 1989
5] K9 – 1989
6] Homeward Bound – The Incredible Journey – 1993
7] Lady & The Tramp – 1955
8] Marley & Me – 2008
9] Hachi: A Dog’s Tale – 2009
10] Marmaduke – 2010
11] Red Dog – 2012

So these are mine, but what are yours? I could go on forever, but if l did, l would be no different to we know who!! Of course, there are the old favourites like the 101 Dalmatians which is a huge favourite of Mummy’s, who hasn’t heard of Lassie [although l liked Skippy more], the Fox and the Hound … anyway, ask your pooches and see what they think?

You should know it by now, but if you don’t.. ”Tootle pip from Doodlepip”

17 thoughts on “K9 Adventures [6] – Dogs, Logs & Two Smoking …

  1. Books: Marley & Me by John Grogan; A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron; Planet of the Blind by Stephen Kuusisto. Movies: Marley & Me

      1. Thanks! My thesis advisor wrote Planet of the Blind. It’s about his relationship with his guide dog. He has another coming out this year, if it hasn’t already, called Have Dog, Will Travel.

  2. Huny here: Obviously “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” tops my film list. Not because it’s a good film (it isn’t), but because one supports one’s pack members, even when they’re acting so silly it’s embarrassing. And books? Anything by James Herriott, but particularly his book that has only dog stories in it. I also have enjoyed ‘The Incredible Journey’, despite the cat. My two legged reads excerpts to me because they never taught me to read at Obedience School…

    1. Excellent Huny, l don’t mind the cat so much in the Incredible Journey, either the book or the film. Admittedly haven’t heard of the first one?

      Hope you are keeping well? My 2 leggeds are currently trying drug me into bululand! 🙁

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