Dear Blog … 08.25 – 08/01/19


Dawns of the Dead!

[I am now back on my proper tablets, after l kicked off at the surgery yesterday, only to discover that some absolute muppet had got the prescriptions mixed up?????????]

Since taking this concoction of tablets, most days l feel like one of the walking dead, or in the very least like one of the wicker donkeys that is hoisted into the air and then beat with sticks till the candies drop out! But generally, it is a mixture of the walking dead or just a zombie.

It is getting harder for me to get quality sleep, and it is even harder to stabilise my morning routine, because  as hard as l try to go to bed early, l am not tired, and then when l am tired l am practically dead on my feet. I hit the sack, spend two to three minutes if lucky trying to find a comfortable position with my shoulder then fall into a hazy slumber filled with chemical induced nightmares – it’s all fun, right? Ha ha, no l am serious, right?

However during the week, as in Monday to Friday Suze is at work, so Scrappy and l are usually still in the land of zonko when Suze leaves for work at 7.45am. No, no don’t get me wrong, l am not heaving myself out of bed at zany o’clock, l am awake when she goes, but simply not with it. So l get out of bed about 15 minutes after she has left, although sometimes my lazy furball doesn’t move until 10.30!!

I am not usually compos mentus for the first twenty minutes of the day, l stumble around, with my mind frazzled until it wakes up, and these days it’s not even a coffee that does that, it’s mostly just being awake. Oh how times have changed in the last few months when l could even with my shoulder get out of bed at 6.30am. However three months ago l wasn’t taking nearly 15 tablets a day!

So in the mornings, l tend to be like this …. as in ‘hush please!’

… and l like to get my head into gear. Then slowly l wake up, and the fog clears and my life swings up …..  Now during the weekdays this is fine, because the house is quiet!

However, come the weekends when Suze is home, it’s a very different scenario!

You see, Suze is like a mini tornado, earthquake and tsnami all rolled into one! Not during the week, when she is quiet, but come the weekend, she turns into this feverish monster! Who never stops talking, and talking and talking. before 15 tablets a day, l could cope with that, 15 tablets a day later and l am not able to cope with that.

Sunday just gone was a classic example, l had as you know a particularly rough weekend, the serious spasm, the surgery mucking up my tablets and a lot of pain, and an MRI where apparently l moved too much! Sunday morning, and l dragged my sorry ass outa bed and suddenly l had this from Suze ….

I was in the kitchen listening to 200 words a minute, trying to make a coffee, trying to take in her words and found myself hearing “You muppet, what are you like, you have just put coffee in the sugar bowl, and the kettle in the fridge. Plus why is the coffee lid in the sink?”

I turned around and simply stared at her and had the following conversation ……..

“Wha, oooh, eee, cuffe. Wha urya tooking so mutch? Sssh, wha’ wong wiff you? Sssh, close the lipsh for a momment!”

Suze suddenly burst into laughter and said “Oh darling if you could only see yourself, you are like one of the zombies from dawn of the dead! It appears you are no longer a morning person, more of a walking, talking and slurring pinata!”

Thanks Babes!

Dear Blog ……

13 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 08.25 – 08/01/19

    1. Hey Ribana, it is funny actually. Later that day as in Sunday night, l sat Suze down and did an impression of her and what she was like to the zombie, she laughed 🙂

  1. Rory, you did the right thing to kick off at the surgery.
    There is always an element of human error in healthcare, even from Doctors. Sometimes you need a patient to yell and make a huge fuss for everyone to take a proper look and identify mistakes that have been made within the medical profession.
    Hope you are feeling the difference.

    1. Hey Mel, yes l am feeling the difference already. It aklwatys take my stomach a little bit of time to recover from the changes but come the end of today, it will be better 🙂

    1. It is comical, Suze was threatening to make a video of it, hell she might still. Just to show me how much of the zombie l both looked and sounded 🙂

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