And The Award Goes To …



And The Award Goes To …

I don’t specifically do the How To Do posts on my blog, it’s not really my thing, and this isn’t a How To Do post either, so don’t worry l am not starting. I admire those bloggers who do write them. I have seen in the 17 months of blogging a lot of them, and some of them are truly excellent reads, and l think ‘way to go’ to the people who write them and display their knowledge and their confidence in their abilities to pen to paper that style of reading.

I tend to not purely run and maintain my blog in often the ways that these bloggers suggest, and of course none of us have to – it’s not an obligation. The how to do posts are there for those readers who might like to learn something new. Now before l go further, l need to l feel quantify what l am talking about. That is the subject of or genre of ‘how to do’, improve your blogging experience, how to improve upon your stats, or how to improve your presentation, or even how to increase your readerships.

I am not comfortable writing those types of posts yet, note the addition of yet, as they say never have all your baskets in one egg, or something similiar! But who knows, although probably not, but somewhere in my future l might, that would be a stretch, but l might decide one day to pen such a post. But that’s not today!

I mean judging by a lot of what l read, l am not exactly following any formula, l am not hyperfocused on stats, l am terribly unbalanced with my commenting on other’s blogs and posts, l write from a very diverse range of subjects inclusive to me as it seems pointless writing on stuff l don’t know about. I follow like for like which judging by many to whom l do read, not many do that. But l do. Principally l do what works for me, as l should imagine many of you do that also.

However today’s post is NOT a ‘How To Do’ post, but it is a ‘How I Am Going To Do’ post.

In the last few months l have received emails concerning how do l attend to nomination posts? Equally l have seen not just on my own blog, but on many others comments regarding the style of responding to nominations from other bloggers on the topic of WordPress Awards.

Some bloggers, love them – l point out now, that l am one such blogger, l treat it as a compliment to receive a nomination. However many bloggers whilst they like being nominated find these awards uncomfortable experiences, time consuming, annoying and frustrating and the list goes on. I see bloggers respond with ‘l am on a sabbatical or, l am award free, or l only want to do the questions, or bugger off, or l don’t want to nominate, or l am rubbish at these types of posts’ and these are all very fair comments to make.


Now, l can relate at times to all of those comments, however whilst these days l do not respond that quickly to nominations, l will always get around to them in the space of a month. I think that period of time is a good response time. When l was newer l used to bend over backwards in the same day, couple of days or within the week of receiving to responding. I can confirm that if you have 4 nominations sitting in your bar, that is when done properly, a lot of your time consumed. It can be offputting.

This week, l have four nominations to attend to, one Liebster which was done yesterday, one Mystery and two Sunshine which l will be attending to as said this week. On average l tend to get nominated once sometimes twice a month. They appear like a blizzard at times like in small wild flurries! But l will always answer them, and l will always try my very best to create, write up and deliver a nice presentation to my awarder, to show my thanks.

There are a lot of different Awards out there in our community that you can be nominated for, l know personally 12 different types alone as they have been nominated to me … Random Acts of Kindness, Solidarity, Most Diverse, Awesome Impact, Blogging Chums, Creative Mind, Mystery Blogger, Sunshine Blogger, Versatile Blogger, Blogger Appreciation, Liebster and Blogger Recognition, but l have seen many others.

Now each of them have their own specific rules, but principally they are almost universal in their requirements and expectations.

Answer questions, provide facts, ask questions and nominate. Okay that’s fair. But then they can get trickier! Because of the sheer volume of information and time they further require from the receiver and the giver alike. Some of these awards ask 15 questions,  require 10 random facts and further more want you to nominate between at times 10 – 20 people!!? Holy crap, that’s a lot of time from anyone! On average l expect a simple award nomination to take me 2 to 3 hours to write them up, respond, think of questions and nominations, style my presentation and that’s a lot of time, hence why in recent months l have shown sometimes 2-3 of the same award in one post.

But of course there is the other aspect of the nomination, notifying those you have nominated which can take sometimes pending of course how many you nominated anywhere between 15 – 35 minutes. More time.

So when you look at the compliment paid to you by another blogger, many bloggers shudder, because they don’t want to spend 2-3 hours on one post, and so many decline, they are not willing to undergo that time frame. They start sabbaticals, becoming award free or don’t even respond! To new bloggers they find this somewhat confusing, brusque and upsetting, because they are super pleased they nominated you and were nominated in the first place. They don’t always understand why ‘you are not responding?’ They don’t get it completely that you might be as young as 6-8 months of blogging experience or even five years and are quite possibly worn out by nominations.


But like l said at the start, this is NOT a How To Do post from me, this is a ‘How I Am Going To Do’ post. So without further ado.

I will always receive gratefully any nomination for an award that a fellow blogger/reader presents to me, and l will always abide the facts they present to me in so far of if they ask 15 questions l will answer them. But when l nominate out, l am going to adopt a much simpler approach.

I will only ask 5 questions and l will only nominate 5 blogs whatever the award itself is. In addition, l will nominate who l wish to –  be this an award free site, those on sabbatical and so on, because l am paying a compliment to you and your writing and presentation style, to you as a person because l like you, to our engagement and interaction and so on.

But, l will offer my cards, some of which you have already seen, these being as follows:


Allows you to accept the award nomination with grace, but NOT nominate others if you so choose nor wish not to.


Allows you to accept the award nomination with grace, but only answer the questions. meaning, no to nominations, and yes to questions.

no nom

Allows you to accept the nomination with grace, but not do anything accept acknowledge my compliment to you and your blog.

Additionally, l place no time frame or deadline as to when you are to respond, that is entirely in your court, so there is never any rush from me.

These cards and my new formula of accepting and as such nominating are not meant to disrespect the creators of the awards themselves, but purely to acknowledge a valuable commodity – time. Because not everyone has the time to dedicate to these awards, and whilst they are always flattered they don’t want to spend their valuable time on the nominations. However, perhaps if there were lower expectations, more bloggers might feel obliged again to participate.

So that is what l am going to do for 2019. Always accept and abide by the giver’s requests, but when nominating outwards it will be way less stressful and time consuming to those nominated.

Thanks for reading.



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  1. A very helpful post. I have mostly stopped nominating people as they aren’t usually interested, willing or are short on time.

    1. I am glad you founf it helpful. The time factor is the biggest offputter to many of my own readership, and l can understand the sentiment very well indeed.

      I have time on my hands, but if you are working, with family, living life, then the time you have for blogging is quite precious to you and when faced with a toss up of writing, reading or writing a post around a nomination the first two with the emphasis on the first will be your go to option always 🙂

      1. So right! But I am going to post an award post with your name in the nominees. Hope you can find time for it. But I understand if anyone cannot participate.

  2. Lovely post! I think I’ve missed a couple awards when I was super busy, but I try to answer the Q’s even if I combine a few in one post. Your cards are a fab idea! ❤️

    1. Hey Paula – glad you liked it. The cards just make things easier l think for many, you can acknowledge the receipt in the most convenient fashion your time allows.

      I think the biggest problem with the awards is the increased expectations of them to those who receive them. Too many questions is a nightmare to those who struggle with trying to ask unique questions and don’t wish to simply ask the same drab ones.

      As well as way too many to nominate. Some people once accepting do feel obligated to trying to find, 8, 12 + bloggers to nominate and if you are new to the arena, you will not know that many that well.

      But if you have friendly get out of cards, then it means you are grateful, just know that you are not upsetting anyone by not taking it further 🙂

      1. I’ve been turning my random thoughts into questions ~ 2 birds/1 stone ~ but I still prefer not to tag. I shall use a card next time!

  3. I do try to produce a post with a bit of “va va voom” in response to any nomination – mainly as a way to say thank you to the blogger who nominated me. They are time consuming but I enjoy it. I try to nominate bloggers I have not nominated recently or ever before. A small fraction seem to respond. That is fine. I totally understand why some may feel these nomination posts are not really their style or they don’t have time for them.

    1. Yes l am similiar to a certain extent, as l just wrote to Dango, that l will try where l can more importantly to try and marry the awards initial meaning to the blogger l am nominating. Each award has a very specific original theme, and when it comes to bloggers that you don’t read continuously daily that is when awards and nominations becomes harder.

      With my daily call outs, l will call out to new bloggers to hopefully enthuse and motivate interaction and that way l increase my reality % of knowledge with my following and readership.

      The perilousness and danger is of course of whether you [a universal you] actually decide to say l am going award free, and many bloggers opt for this also, as a way of managing embarassing moments or inactivity or a lack of knowledge of who they do not yet read from. That’s not me being funny, just honest. None of us read every single one of our followers posts on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, unless you have a following only of around 50-60 people and you can keep up with everything going on.

      1. I think because the reason behind my blog is to write about events that crushed me. I am always happy to have any excuse for a light-hearted post. The more the merrier.

  4. I am one of those bloggers who has declared his blog to be “Award-Free.” I am also one of those bloggers who will answer questions, but not ask questions or nominate other bloggers for the awards.

    Why, you ask? Well, as you pointed out, there are dozens of blog awards out there. And while I always appreciate it when someone takes the time to recognize my blog by nominating it (me) for an award, I do think the proliferation of these awards has diminished their impact. I don’t believe I know of a blogger out there…at least one who’s been blogging for, say, six months or longer, who HASN’T been nominated for one or more blog awards.

    All that said, when my blog is nominated, I do try to thank the blogger who nominated it and I do, for the most part, answer the 5, 8, 11, or however many questions they’ve posed. But rather than nominating other bloggers for the award, I will invite anyone who wishes to to answer the same questions posed by the blogger who nominated me.

    As you said, there are no hard and fast “how to do” rules to blogging, but this is how I do it. Because it’s my blog and I’ll blog what and how I want to. That, to me, is the best “how to do it” rule for blogging.

    1. Fandango, you have hit the nail right on the head.

      When l first ever got nominated, l was thrilled, l thought wow, someone likes me! They like my writing, they like my blog, now don’t get me wrong, many do, thankfully … or that is what l tell myself lmao!

      But equally, many do not go by that formula, sometimes l feel l have been nominated just because l am there and that is not to be read as derrogative, but l believe it to be a fact. “Oh l know he looks up for it, he’ll do!”

      The awards yeah sure they are nice, but these nominations, shouldn’t be called nominations l think they should just be called Recognition Awards, or just awards. Because l originally thought that we were all entered into some big draw and then we were selected on merit or something, but we are not. I originally also thought they were designed by WP direct, but they are not.

      The awards are as common place as the air we breathe and the writing we ink – so why do we say l am nominating you for such and such, if we are not part of a bigger draw?

      They have lost their impact simple as. They carry very little true meaning.

      That sounds and probably reads bad, but it shouldn’t when it’s a reality.

      I read the origins of the award itself and then try where l can to marry up it’s meaning to those blogs which sit within that concept.

      Because whilst l might have x amount of followers – the reality % is a much smaller actual readership. I know many don’t like to call them followers, but let’s be honest, they are followers, until they become readers, and then become engagers, and then they become interacters with the blog master.

      I have the reality of knowing well, perhaps 50-60 bloggers and the rest l will gradually get to read and know better as time goes on.

      Now human nature will dictate that l am more than likely going to nominate bloggers that l read from over bloggers that l do not read from. Unless it’s a specific ‘New Blogger’s Recognition’ award when l will go out of my way very deliberately and seek out bloggers that l do not read from daily to nominate, failing that l will of course fixate on the reality %.

      This too is a fact, and l should imagine that everyone knows that, and the one’s that don’t are new to blogging.

      Of my 50-60 bloggers that l follow diligently l know what their blogs are usually about, l read and enjoy – l don’t always comment, but l know their content and so l feel that they are usually worthy in my eyes of the award, but many awards l do not think are aimed at new ratios.

      Some awards need for you to know indepth the content of the blog, others don’t need you to know the content that well.

      But then l feel guilty if l was just to nominate someone for say a hefty award.

      What it all comes down to is choice, we are under no obligation to even seriously respond, we do so out of politeness, community spirit, grace, courtesy and friendship.

      I have seen some bloggers offer out the nomination to anyone who wishes to respond and that once more deprives the initial meaning of the award and as such cheapens it. However l do agree with offering the questions out to anybody. Because that is also in the frame of community.

      Good response Dango 🙂

  5. Rory, I like where you say, “l think they should just be called Recognition Awards, or just awards.” I like having them for bloggers just starting out because 1) it makes them visible; and 2) it gives them a chance to say a little about themselves. I hesitate to impose them on well-established bloggers because I know they’ve been nominated so many times they are probably sick of them. Lately I follow all of the rules except nominating others. There is almost a “chain letter” feel to them and some bloggers are suspicious of them. I like the pink cards to bow out of certain aspects. Rory, Paula, and Dango, I know you 3 are gracious to a fault about responding to the nominations and that’s awesome. I don’t think bowing out of nominations cheapens it. Opening it up to anyone who wants to responds enhances it because that way you know who responds is really interested.

    1. Hey Li 🙂

      The more l read the answers to this post the more it gives me an idea and the more l find your response here, as with Fandango’s very interesting and further furnishing me with an idea for a different type of Award.

      I think what l struggle with is the term nomination. We are not being nominated into a bigger ideal, but being nominated by the individual, but the word ‘nomination’ is what is wrong with the picture. I think a 4th option is needed.

      Where you say ” impose them on well-established bloggers” is the bit that makes me think more on the 4th option.

      Going to think about this a lot today and see if l can create something which takes care of that.

      Thanks for the input Li 🙂

          1. I will have to say you are a WP community-minded individual and the efforts you make to build community are appreciated.

  6. Lovely! Appreciate the time you have spent in thinking and formulating this out…very logical n apt! Love the ‘card’ idea – great one…maybe we can have different color cards ( just an idea – you are free to ignore) The idea of just 5 questions is also very practical…Thank you for your time…

    1. Hey, Morning.

      i am writing a sequel to that post today based upon the comments to the post itself, as it got me to thinking even further on the whole concept, so l will bring up your mention here in the new post 🙂

      Thanks for the input.

      1. Ohh that’s even more lovely 😊 Thanks for considering and being open to ideas! Really a great gesture… looking forward to the next post….

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