Random Quotes 200#



Blimey! 200 Days Worth of Random Quotes, that’s a landmark!

“We live in a new age society, where the Internet, electronic communication and social media platforms rule the way forwards.

Today many are unable to write without using full on hidden languages such as ‘text speak’, people have forgotten the magical power of the written word, additionally many can not be bothered to read, more still have no concept of research. The only language considered best in communication is spoken, again mostly using electronic means – if you are not speaking are you social? If you choose to communicate with the written word, whilst you are ‘speaking’ so often you are simply not heard.

Social media users rely upon sloganism – words and phrases created by others to display emotions – for they can not think of their own words to describe how they feel.

We are all – ALL – guilty at times of abbreviating our English [BRB, OK, IDD, KK etc.] But is this because many now are too lazy to write the full word or are clueless as to how it is spelled? Grammar and punctuation in the next twenty years may be a thing of the past for many more than it is today already…

Social media users put links up on their platforms for others to read, and yet hardly ever read those same links themselves?

The list is endless, society and independents alike are all guilty of not just joining the ‘rat race’, but becoming the one thing man has always been against – robotisation – becoming nothing more than just a cog in the mechanised world in which we live.

It’s more than simply frightening, it’s becoming a hard and fast super uber reality!”


The danger of the past was that men became slaves. The danger of the future is that man may become robots.

Erich Fromm


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