K9 Adventures [5] – Ninja K9 Busting Myths!


Highly Trained Ninja K9

Ninja K9 Busting Myths!

Hey Everyone

Being a dog isn’t All about eating, walking and sleeping and not always in that order of course! Over the years l have heard a lot of two leggeds remark to my Dad and l whilst out walking “Alright for some eh, a right ol’ dog’s life!”

What would they know about being a dog and living its life? How can they honestly say something like that? It has always baffled me, l don’t meet other dogs and look up at their parents and say ‘Alright for some eh, it’s a two leggeds’ life!”

Unless of course they are implying that it is a life of a dog and nothing more than that, then l can say happily it’s a two leggeds’ life, because that is what it is – l can’t say to a two legged “Well what a cat’s life you lead”, because they are not a cat! So they are stating the obvious, however when l have heard it said to me of me or at me, it is not particularly ‘Friendly’ but more of a jokey even envious tone? Does this mean they wish to be a dog? I have no real desire to be a two legged, so why would they want to become a four legged?


It’s all very confusing!

Furthermore, are they just basing this myth on the fact that visually dogs appear to be always just walking, sleeping and eating? Do they know how very hard it is to eat – using only your tongue as a tool to lap it up?? It’s a skill, so eating is not just eating but a highly skilled trait! Sleeping is not as easy as it looks, you have to be hyper alert to every single sound that is going on, and in truth you hardly sleep at all during daylight hours because you are like a tightly coiled spring ready to pounce! And don’t even start me on walking – l am not just simply a two legged, l am a highly trained ninja K9!

Those are just the basics, do two leggeds ever see further than the tip of their incredibly short snouts? Do they rely upon their incredible skills at ‘scent deliberation’ – my senses are highly tuned! Do they ever have to rely totally upon their hearing each, and every, yes, each and every day? Do they have to test their ability to taste the air to survive and detect the tiniest of changes?

No, they don’t – they are exceptionally gifted using boxes of all shapes and sizes and when going it naturally, making wild and outlandish statements like the myth ‘It’s a dog’s life!

I exercise daily, l walk, l workout, l run out and do a mad five – ten minute crazy dash, which consists of running around the garden like a lunatic and really getting all my muscles to work and flex at the same time! To say it is invigorating is an understatement considering my age!!


This is the look of the lunatic crazy dash mode!


Having a qualified workout companion like mine is also very welcomed


Very Welcome Indeed!


Two leggeds never consider a dogs’ age in the scope of their statement it’s a dog’s life. I am not saying all dogs are all bounce and go at the swish of their lead, but most are quicker to react than most two leggeds! I am 14 this year – now to the novice this is the configuration that needs to be taken on board!

We have all heard the 1 two legged year to 7 four legged years ratio? If life was that simple it would be easy to understand, my nearly 14 would have me at nearly 98, so l guess around 95 now. But what is almost always forgotten is that dogs mature quicker than two leggeds. In my first year l matured to 15 years of my Dad’s already 44 years. The reality of facts is that using modern technology and systems – oh yes l can also be a tech box head when l need to you know! I am a medium sized dog, so the truth is l am not really 98, more like 78, if l was a larger breed of dog, l might be closer to 80 by now.

But the point being made is this …. Whether l am 78 or 98, l am still fitter than most of my two leggeds counter parts!!

In my family of me, Mummy and Dad can you guess the fittest order?

Yeah, see two leggeds aren’t that dumb, you are right that’s the order; me, Mummy and then bringing up the rear Dad! Dad’s not unfit, but he is not the healthiest specimen of two legged kind going either!

So, to recap, it’s a dog’s life isn’t just about eating, sleeping and walking, it’s also about being a finely tuned and trained, highly skilled K9. Next time you do look upon your pooch or Fido, or Rover try and remember that eh? Also take time to remember the good times we award you – our parents, and that we love you always unconditionally and then take that energy and think about all the four leggeds that are out there in this crazy world, who are just looking for a family to love, and make feel complete.

Just saying, anyway – thanks for stopping by everyone, catch you later no doubt …

Tootle pip from Doodlepip!

Yay, Dad says l can Reblog my series again as some of my followers have requested them back for a third time, so thank you all. I will be back soon with the newest 4 Paws Diary episode, first of 2019, but there is a lot going on in all of our lives at present.

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