4 Paws Diary – Ep 28

Episode 28

4 Paws Diary

7th January 2019

38 Days Later!

What can l say? It’s been ages, the last time we chatted it was the 30th November and my 15th Birthday! Now, here we are 38 days later according to Dad, ooh sounds a bit like that film Dad and l watched last year sometime about zombies!

It’s not going to be a long episode today l am afraid, but l will resume as soon as l can. As you know Dad said l could reblog my adventures, and l am doing that, what are we on now, number erm, um … alright that’s it. Number 5 out of 30. Another 25 to come.

Someone asked me if l was still doing adventures? Not really no, l tend to do more of the 4 paws diary episodes now, and later on in the year, Dad and l are going to work on my book.

There is not an awful lot of updates in my little world sadly. With Mummy working full time, and Dad not well at all, but also. I am not as able as l was as little as six months ago now. I have slowed down a lot. Very similiar to that of Dad, we are alike that way.

Dad used to do lots of stuff, but this neck thing has really made him stop in his tracks a bit. We don’t tend to do lots of long walks anymore, and he hardly takes the clickitty out of its case either. But as said, l can no longer do really long walks anymore, my head can, but my body can’t. Plus l am very limpy now or to be precise athritic in my joints. My IVDD of 2016/17 has aged me according to Mummy and Dad quite significantly. But they say l am an old bird ‘Who’is doin’ alright!” That l have the heart of an ox and the spirit of the energetic rabbit, whatever that means?

But they are always smiling, and as l am not in any pain, l am cool with it. I just tend to sleep more these days.

The deal was we have to get Dad better first and then my smaller adventures can begin again. Like going into the woods where Dad loves taking clickitty’s of me, but it gets a little embarassing at times as he is always taking shots from behind, it’s like Dad spends most of his time there taking clickitty’s of my butt! Okay, it’s my fault, l see the box thing and quickly stop what l am doing and walk on and ‘Click’, l hear Dad say “Scraps, why did you move? Another shot of your damn bottom!!”

Most of my adventures these days are trips to the vets to have my anal glands done!! It’s gets to be a drag at times. The last one was before Christmas and the vet made Mummy and Dad worried. I don’t think it’s anything to worry about, as l am getting old, but she said upon having her fingers in my glands again ..“I don’t wish to worry you and it might just be scar tissue but there is a lump in here, only the size of a pea, but best you know.”

Why do they make a sweeping statement like that? Afterwards and for three days both Mummy and Dad were watching my butt intently! In case l scooted unnecessaily so. I said it’s scar tissue, if you have someone’s finger up there every month and they have a sharp nail, it might make a nick or two you know! Apparently my left gland fills up more than my right, so l am always having that done first. But we have another vet appointment to check it out on the 11th, so here’s paws crossed it’s nothing too serious, because me and my pack, don’t need any more stress, especially me!

Anyway, there’s not much else for me to say this time around, but l will try and paw up something a little sooner than 38 days!

So you know the score, it’s Tootlepip from Doodle Pip!

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